cast iron skillet

sugar_flJune 8, 2013

I bought a new CI Lodge skillet about a month ago.. I have worked to get it to cook good. I cooked my 1st cornbread in it tonite.. it didn't stick at all. I think I did make a mistake cutting a slice in the pan,. I now can see the cut marks.. what can I do?

I was disappointed with the cornbread. It was heavy & I couldn't
seem to get it not gummy inside. I haven't made cornbread from scratch before but when I used a mix ( another type pan)it was completely different. I want to make it good in my CI.
Should I season it some more to cover the cut mark..I don't think i is real deep

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The cut should season over.
Did you preheat your pan? It takes a long time for the cast iron to heat in the oven so your baking time might end before it fully heats. It also will hold the heat much longer after you take it out of the oven.

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Thanks for the answer,
Yes I heated the pan & then heated the oil some too..

I cooked some onions. a red pepper,1 potato & a little turkey polish sausage in the pan which was oiled just slightly..
it cooked fine & was very good.. very little sticking
I rubbed salt with a little oil & It didn't look clean enough so I rinsed it under water with a sponge.

I cooked a few slices of bacon for a tomato sandwich..the stuck but it is very lean bacon & I got no bacon grease..grrrr

I tried to make some fried cornbread like I used to in a Teflon pan. It Stuck like it had no oil.. what a mess.I've scraped it out but may have to soak a FEW minutes to get it all out. I'm tempted to season it again tomorrow. I've never cooked much with a CI pan as U can tell. Part of the problem may be it is a lodge with the little bumps. I was hoping it would be OK if I seasoned it good.

Nice to find a place where someone answers.. all the other forums I have been to are very old & closed.



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If it was a new recipe, maybe that was the problem. After getting it well seasoned try again with something you have done before. I have all older CI that has a machined surface, but there are people that use the lodge and like it. Maybe just try cooking some fattier bacon in it for awhile until the seasoning builds up. There is another cookware forum on Chowhound that is more active than this one. There are all kinds of threads on CI.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cookware

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