All-Clad's Semi-Annual Seconds Sale

KarigraphyMay 29, 2005

All-Clad is having its semi-annual seconds sale on June 3 and 4th at the Washington County fairgrounds which is about 45 minutes drive south of Pittsburgh.

I've gone to many of their sales and gradually have collected a set of pans exactly suited to my needs. But I always have something new in mind to pick up if the price is right!

It's like a giant festival of chefs and home cooks - people pack boxes full of pots and pans to take to the checkout lines. The prices are 40 to 70% off retail, depending on the irregularity. In most cases, you'd have to search and search to find any flaw.

They sell every style of All-Clad and have lots of employees on hand to answer questions and help you find the pot or pan you want.

I'm planning to go on Friday to pick up a 14" non-stick fry pan. Wish me luck that they have the pan and matching lid! Maybe some cookie sheets? Maybe a food mill?


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Are any of these sale items available online? Obviously, many of us cannot travel that distance for some pans but certainly would buy them if they were available closer.

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Salbwil - I have not see any information about selling any seconds online.

There are sets of pots that are on sale on some internet sites from time to time. I wonder if anyone ever buys All-Clad seconds and sells them on eBay.

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm getting my sneakers out!


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Try They have All-Clad irregulars at 33% off list price and twice a year (spring and fall) they offer an additional 20% savings. In my case, the imperfections in the four LTD pieces I purchased were very minor.

Here is a link that might be useful: cookwarenmore

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Aside from the twice yearly sale with an additional 20% off, you can get the same additional 20% off any time of the year if you buy 4 or more pieces (excluding first quality items and specials). Perhaps friends can get together and come up with 4 items among themselves.

I've gotten all my AllClad from cookwarenmore since I found out about them. The 'flaws' are cosmetic only and nearly impossible to find - none affects the cooking surface. For example, I just got a 12" skillet - the flaw was a wee 1/4 inch mini-bump on the top of the handle (ie in the indentation) near the base where you wouldn't even hold the handle anyway. My Dutch Oven's only flaw was a slight, again 1.4 inch, mis-strike of the little design over the words "All-Clad" on the handle. I'll live with half off for that kind of flaw :-)

One thing to note: some pieces are more popular than others, and occasionally you may have to wait a while to receive them. I know that was true with my 12" skillet. But it's worth the wait, quite literally, IMO.

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