Good place to buy individual pots (not skillets)

livvysmomMay 25, 2005

My mother got a new smoothtop stove; her pots (Revereware) are so warped that they vibrate on the smooth burner. Her skillets, however, are in good condition (she does not do a lot of cooking). Therefore, she does not need a set.

We have looked at Kohls, JC Penney, etc... but it is difficult to buy just pots open stock; usually just skillets are sold invidually.

Any suggestions for a good place or internet site?

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Home Goods, Marshall's or T. J. Maxx. They have lots of individual pots and skillets, casserole dishes, etc.

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My favorite place is a restaurant supply store that sells to the public.

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If you have an outlet mall close to you, check at the Corning/Revereware store.

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I have never had any trouble buying individual pieces of Al Clad stainless steel pots from Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table. Both have stores all over the place, as well as catalogs.

When my mom's old coil cooktop broke, I advised her against a smooth top (I have one and love it), for exactly this reason. But at the time, she was 80 and it just did not make any sense for her to have to replace all the family cookware and get accustomed to something new. If she had been much younger -yes - but not at her age.

Good luck. Again, I have never seen the stores mentioned above refusing to sell individual pieces. I started with a standard set of AC and have been adding to it ever since. You may have best luck with the WS catalog, since they individuially price every possible kind of cookware you can imagine, including the AC.


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i love -- but i've also bought stuff off of ebay and

blogging at:

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