Sitram Professional

twinda1May 10, 2005

I just got the Sitram 11.2 qt stock pot from their Professional line (from It has a thick disk at the bottom that has a pretty sharp edge -- it will make an indentation on my wood tabletop with only slight pressure. Did I just get a badly manufactured pot or are do they all have this sharp edge? I'm thinking of taking a metal file to it, but I'm afraid it might expose some metal that shouldn't be exposed. I have a glass induction top that will scratch, else this wouldn't matter at all.

How is your disc-bottom cookware constructed?

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I have a set of Sitram purchased from Costco last year. Am not sure which series it is or if it was made specifically for Costco. All of the pans have the disk on the bottom, including the 11qt. Mine have a definite edge but didn't think they were that sharp. (I did check another brand stock pot with a full disk bottom I have and it seems to be rounder and smoother on the edge.) I have a smoothtop range and have had no problems using them on it. When you say it will make an indentation, do you mean when it is sitting flat or if you set it on the disk edge and put pressure on it? I tipped my Sitram on edge and pushed on it on my cutting board and could see a mark, but haven't had any trouble so far using them on the range---but do try to not slide them around too much and am careful when picking them up when full or hot.

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It makes an identation when set on edge. We're probably fine with it, but I get nervous when we have "guest" cooks.

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