Stains on Maple Spoons

chitownfifiMay 8, 2005

I have several wooden spoons/spatulas made of maple and I take good care of them by treating them with Bee's Oil and the whole bit. However, they are constantly getting stained with tomato sauces, saffron, you name it. How do I get rid of these wooden stains???!!

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I don't think you can, as wood is pourous like a sponge. Part of the patina of wooden cooking implements are the colors they pick up over the years. I have 9 wooden spoons and spatchulas, but have never given it a second thought one way of the other. I suppose if you wanted to have a few pristine ones on display you could buy them new and not use them, or separate them so that you had certain ones dedicated to use for things that will stain, such as berries, tomato, and the like.

Actually, I also bought a couple of synthetic spoons that look like wood and come in red, blue and green and have begun using them for working with blackberries, just to keep from overly staining my other wooden spoons. These really do look like wood, but go in the DW and they do not stain at all. You can get them from Chef's catalog or Sur La Table.


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I have a set of bamboo utensils from Pampered Chef that I just love: a set of stir fry "paddles" and three spoons. I haven't done anything with berries, but I've used them several times a week, and plenty of those times were with tomato-based dishes, spaghetti sauces, red curry, or Korean Gochujang (fermented red pepper paste), and they come absolutely clean every time. I'm not sure if it's the hardness or the density of the bamboo that keeps them clean, but they're awesome. I also wash them in the dishwasher each and every time, (usually in a 150F+ cycle), and they haven't gotten rough like othe wooden utensils do when subjected to D/W conditions. I don't remember what they cost, but I've had them for almost four years, and they look just about as good as new. Just imagine what they'd look like if I washed them by hand . . . :o)

If you're tired of staining, go with bamboo!

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I agree 100% with Lynne. One of my most treasured items is one of my mothers old wooden spoons. Stained, an even burnt in one spot, I always think of her when I grab it out of the drawer.

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