Fissler or demeyere?

pam71May 6, 2012

I recently upgraded my old stove to a wolf ag, which I am really enjoying. Now it's time for a cookware upgrade. I am reading great things about fissler, however, not a place close to home to check them out. Only the pressure cooker, which looks very nice. They seem to get good reviews, but there are few reviews to read.I like the pro series. Also interested in demeyere, most likely the Atlantis line. All clad is third on my list. Any comments would be really helpful! Thanks in advance:)

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My vote is for Fissler, hands down. I used to own All Clad but upgraded when I got a new induction cooktop at home. My old All Clads work on the induction, but some of the pans were warped (they'd wobble when I cook with them), and after 6 years of good use, they were really scratched up. My relatives who came here from different parts of Europe all raved about Fissler so I borrowed my aunt's Pro pot (which she bought over 20 years ago!!) and we fell in love with it. The weight is heavy but perfect for me and the oversized handles are the best. Plus, even though the pot is really old, it worked perfectly on my induction top. I finally went out and bought the whole Pro set for myself. I haven't used a Demeyere personally, but my sister had a negative experience last year. She bought a big saute pan from Sur La Table for over $200. The riveted handle got loose after just a few months of use because of the weight, so she contacted the company and they said it wasn't under warranty because she had used the pan. I think that's ridiculous after having spent that amount of money. We're all recommending Fissler to her now. Whatever you decide on, make sure to check the warranty- even though some say "lifetime" it doesn't really mean lifetime.... Good luck!

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A couple of years ago, my husband and I had a similar dilemma. We were looking at All-Clad, DeMeyere, and Fissler. After a lot of research, DeMeyere was out - based on what we were hearing about warranty issues. So that brought it down to All-Clad and Fissler. We bought a saucepan from All-Clad and a saut� pan from Fissler. Both were stainless with stainless interior. The Fissler saut� pan has been phenomenal! In fact, I read in a magazine last year (I think it was Food & Wine) that the bumpy interior was one of the top "nonstick" surfaces, even though it's not nonstick.
Anyway, fast-forward two years - the All-Clad is wobbly on my stove (we use gas). The Fissler isn't - it still cooks exactly the way it did when we got it. We have added four pieces to our Fissler collection and we've given the All-Clad to the local homeless shelter...

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Thanks for the info. I am hoping that I will be able to visitastore has the Fissler line when I am traveling next week. I really want to feel the wt. And see the product before Iurchase it.

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I found some Fissler at Marshall's just a few months ago. Obviously, it's catch-as-catch-can there, but it's also way cheaper, so worth checking.

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Thanks for the info Ginny20. I did not find any on my vacation and I have checked local Homegoods, but no luck. Will try Marshalls next. I'm in Calf. Did you buy any? Is the quality good? Are they too heavy? Thanks...

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I must be behind the times because I've never heard of Fissler. Guess what I'll be researching next??????

I do own a Demeyere Atlantis skillet that was purchased soon after the line came out & it's my favorite of about 6-7 quality fry pans. No problems whatsoever & since the handles are soldered instead of riveted, I don't know how they could get loose - break off perhaps - but not get loose. Maybe that problem was in one of Demeyere's other lines.

I also own more than a few pieces of AllClad. IMO, it's good quality but not in the same class as Atlantis but also not as expensive.

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I love my Fissler pressure cookers. They double as saute pans and a 6 quart stock pot. They are the sturdiest, most beautiful pans I've ever seen. The cookstar base conducts heat very well. Fissler guarantees no hot spots for the life of the pan.

I got my pressure cookers from Ebay as open box specials. One of them- the large pan with the Novagrill surface- wouldn't come up to pressure (probably why it had been returned and was being resold). I took it to a local shop that repairs pressure cookers to see if they could find out what was wrong. They replaced a little membrane that had a pinprick hole in it. Didn't charge me a penny, because Fissler told them it was under warranty. They didn't even ask to see my receipt, they just took care of it. Great company, IMO.

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I'm facing the same question. What did you end up buying?

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I now have 3 pots in the Fissler Solea line- they are my new faves totally. Sad to say, the 2 very expensive Demeyere pans I "invested" in- I am not impressed- they scratch easily & the Atlantis fry pan sticks every time I use it.

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I just received several pieces of DeMeyere. I was very concerned about the weight (didn't have the opportunity to go into a store, but bought blind). Upon unwrapping the 24" ControlInduct Granite was no heavier than my non-stick aluminium fry pans. Then I unwrapped the 4 litre kettle which ended up being about the same weight as my 1.4 litre kettle (aluminium also). The Teppanyaki isn't light, but it is sturdy. Finally I have an Atlantis 8 litre stock pot. Haven't gotten it out of the box, but doesn't feel close to the weight of cast iron. Will post an update after cooking on convection (will take a few weeks to get the kitchen installed).

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Although I have no experience with Fissler, I do have some Demeyere Atlantis and some older All-Clad Master Chef cookware (as well as Falk copper and Le Creuset). I liked the Master Chef just fine, until I started using Demeyere. For me, Demeyere is heads and shoulders above All-Clad. LOVE my Demeyere! Food cooks evenly, quickly, and the cookware shows great responsiveness to changes in burner temperature. Also, although the pieces are relatively heavy, I find the Demeyere cookware feels balanced and comfortable in my [smaller] hands. It DOES scratch easily, however, although so far this hasn't seemed to impact performance (imagine my angst when after I left a relatively new pan soaking in the sink my husband decided to help out by scrubbing it clean with a heavy-duty scouring pad - AGHHH!). After reading comments here, I'm curious to try Fissler now ...

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I'm interested in which Fissler line people are using? They seem to have many different lines.

I have some Demeyere Atlantis, which are a higher quality than the SLT Industry5 line. They excel in cleanup (the only thing that sticks are eggs) and are superior to my All Clad d5 and stainless (plus other lines I've tried). They should be seasoned at least once, btw.

But, I'm willing to try out something else, as well.

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Fissler solea is my new fave.

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I bought a couple of nonstick Fissler skillets at a TJX store. the handle immediately came loose and the nonstick scratches easily so I would avoid anything like that. There must be a huge difference in quality across their lines.

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