Is this a pizza stone?

Woodland_CreatureMay 5, 2014

I bought this "pizza stone" from a garage sale last year. The couple selling it said they got it when they were overseas in Italy. The truthfulness of that statement is somewhat foggy; the thing weighs 30lbs--I'm not sure how they fit it in the suitcase unless they paid for another checked bag...


It's glazed, and it says "Made in Italy" on it... I'd just like an opinion before actually trying to make pizza on it.

Pictures below...

Apologies for the somewhat blurry photos--it's the same basic color as my carpet in the room.

Any ideas?

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Diameter measurement?
Thickness measurement?
Supposed price paid by buyer in Italy?

Given the weight involved and the glazed finish, would be more inclined to it being a pastry marble, candy/chocolate marble, cheese weight, or even a piece intended for some sort of custom kitchen counter installation or custom furniture.

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Baking stones are typically not glazed, so for this reason I'd agree with Iaat2, it's likely not for breads/pizzas. It would be great for working with dough, though, before baking.

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