All-Clad Copper Core and BlueStar 15k and 22k BTU Burners

ericwarrenMay 3, 2009

Hello All,

Have been pleased with the copper core for the last yr.

Now with the blue star, it seems to be a bit more difficult to clean.

last night i used high med/high on the 22k burner to make some chicken parm using abt 1/4 cup of olive oil to fry it. Cooking time was brief but clean-up wasnt. The golden color was patina-like on the inside of the pan and a bear to get off. Still some around the rivets.

This am, same problem (not quite as bad) but using low on the 15k burner and butter to make pancakes.

Am i doing something wrong? Is the copper-core just not a fan of the blue star?

any advice would be appreciated. i like to clean, but 30 min for a pan is just beyond my limit.


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I can't answer your question, but I wanted to recommend you post your message on the Gardenweb's Appliances Forum. You have never seen so many Bluestar fans in one place! I am sure you'll get some advice there from all those frequent 22K burner users.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb's Appliances Forum

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It's simple: From now on, either lower the heat so clean-up will be easier, or use the heat you bought the BlueStar for and learn to scrub harder!

The higher heat is basically polymerizing oil around the rim of the pan, sort of the same principle as seasoning cast iron (and, no, you can't season stainless steel). Your old stove top was not capable of doing this.

Try Bar Keeper's Friend and a good nylon scrubber (Scotch blue or green scrubber, etc.).

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Isn't there a somewhat fat chef on TV that jokes about the knobs on your stove? Turn down the heat... just because you have a 22K burner doesn't mean you have to use all of it!

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