Subzero 42" vs 48"

YuliaONovember 9, 2013

Hello all...
i am planning our kitchen which has very limiting layout...I was going crazy trying to fit 48" fridge...But with 42" everything fits in perfectly....
Do you think 42" would be enough for a family of 5? Is it much smaller?

thank you!

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This depends on you. My DW is capable of filling our 48-inch 632 plus another refrigerator in the basement, and we are a family of two. Maybe with teenagers yours will be scoured daily causing continuous space generation. Or you might consider an overflow refrigerator somewhere else. Flour storage, a week's worth of orange juice, or whatever other bulky stuff you want to keep cold can take a lot of space.


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In England 20 years ago 23 cu ft refrigeration would have been down right palatial.

In modern Costco shopping American suburbia it may simply not cut it.

It just depends on how you do your food shopping and how you eat.

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We had a 42" SZ side by side for the entire time that my three kids were growing up. Plus we had an au pair, so we were six people all the time. The size was fine. Very rarely did I need more space and we used to make really big costco runs. The only thing I didn't like was the narrow freezer but the fridge itself had plenty of room.

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Evidently, nycbluedevil's Costco runs are nowhere near as big as mine or my two sister's families. Or any of my friends that I know.

Two gallons of milk, two cartons of orange juice, pack of rib-eye steaks,6 pack of chicken thighs, 40 pack of cola etc etc from my Costco runs do not fit in 42" SZ. Extra fridge in garage and/or extra chest freezer.

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Big D - those costco runs of yours aren't gonna fit is a 48" fridge either !

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I just went to look at appliances this afternoon thinking a 48" would fit the bill. I think the spaciousness and set up for the 36" Bottom freezer may be more effective for storing everything. I haven't compared cubic feet. Just layout.

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