Ah, the good 'ol days of asbestos lined hot pan holders...

sunnycoMay 6, 2005

When I was a kid, my grandma had (prolly still does) these thin little hot pan holders (squares and mitts) that had advertisments on them, and the great thing about them was that THEY WORKED. She washed them in the sink now and again and they looked awful but now I understand why she held on to them (besides being a person who lived through the depression). Well, they don't make them like that any more, because they had asbestos linings.

I keep buying these nice, thick mitts at the restaurant supply, and they seem to get thin on the important parts in hardly any time at all. I imagine in a restaurant setting, they would be almost disposable!

Where can I get some mitts that can be washed, and will last? I am sick of getting burned.

The only holder I have that seemse to last is one pampered chef one that I got at a garage sale, but it is not a mitt, and I would like mitts, since I tend to bump the top of my hands on the racks.

Any suggestions?


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I have a great suggestion for you!

I got something called Duncan's Kitchen Grips at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They are alomst like wet suit material. They are top shelf dishwasher safe too! I wash them in the sink all of the time...they're great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Grips

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They now have silicone mitts...
I hate mitts...I drop stuff and put my mitted thumb into the casserole etc...
I most often use that kitchen towel that is perennially on my shoulder.
Kinda C

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the silicon mitts are awesome. one brand is called ORCA
you can put your hands in boiling water with them on, yep i tried. do not try this at home. and they wash in the dishwasher, never staining.

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I use Leather oven mitts. I find the silicone unforgiving in molding to what I want. Leather works great and can be washed easily.

Good luck!

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Do the leather ones have any padding? Where do you find them?

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sunnyco, I use the LamsonSharp leather Handiholders and I love them. They are flexible, yet keep the heat off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leather potholders

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Mine are similar to Claire's. I get them from Dean and Deluca for about $10 each. They are not padded but leather does not conduct heat well. I have seen the gloves at WS for about $26.

Good luck!

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I learned the hard way to never buy potholders (or indeed, anything that might suffer hidden losses to quality in exchange for a cheap price) from Walmart. I saved a dollar or two on the potholders, but spent it all on burn ointment! Since then, I get all my oven mitts from Williams Sonoma. They last a long time and the surface is washable. Eventually, I toss them and get a new pair, like every 15 years or so!

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I am going to try the leather. I replaced all of my "old-fashion" pot holders with the silicon squares thinking that I was on the cutting edge. I don't like them! As Homepro says, they are unforgiving and don't mold well. Also, when doing high heat roasting they don't provide need heat protection.

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