Clear lids ?

jsfoxMay 1, 2013

We're getting some new cookware for our Cabin. My wife is leaning towards a Cuisinart Master Chef set. One concern is the clear lids on everything. I seem to remember some variety of reasons people steered away from these but can't remember. Cracking? Get permanently fogged/scratched? Cause problems with cooking?

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I have two sauce pans with clear lids, not an entire set. I've never had a problem and they are used all the time. Sort of my 'go to' pots for rice, reheating soups, bbq sauce, etc. I am often muti-tasking when they are in use so it is nice to glance over and see what stage the cooking is in without lifting a lid. One is Calphalon all stainless and the other we picked up at a yardsale for 5 bucks. It is Emeril, not sure who makes those. I had the same concern but did not pay much for either one.
Picked up an inexpensive small stockpot for my husbands 'no kneed' bread and it goes into a 475 oven once a week. (he can check the bread quickly through the clear lid) . Enameled cast iron is recommended for the bread but we found the bottom gets over-cooked and too crusty.
Maybe the lid handles get too hot? I have wine corks in all my handles to prevent that and they go through the dishwasher fine.
I took my overflow of old traditional Calphalon, the grey stuff, to my vacation home since we don't have a dishwasher there.

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