Hints for Smoking on Cole Deluxe Charcoal Outdoorsman Grill

alexkatMay 25, 2008

Creating Your Own Barbeque Smoker

To smoke foods yourself, you could use a bbq smoker box that is designed specifically for this purpose. However, all you really need is something to contain the smoke, a source of smoke, and something to smoke. In fact, you can transform your charcoal grill into a barbeque smoker very easily. Here's how to do it:

  1. Remove the cooking grate and build a fire on one side of the grill with charcoal, hardwood, etc. Airflow is very important when smoking so be sure the fire is on the side that any wind will blow against.

  2. Place a drip pan in the grill, opposite the fire, and replace the cooking grate. When your fuel source is hot, you are ready to add the meat. Place a water pan, about 2/3 full, directly over the fire to keep air inside the grill moist during the cooking process. Place your meat directly over the drip pan and a thermometer next to the meat. Shut the lid to keep the smoke inside.

  3. The ideal temperature for smoking is 200-250 degrees, so you will need to adjust the vents on your grill to achieve this. The airflow needs to come in under the fire and exit through a vent above the meat. The air needs to be drawn through the fire, over the water pan and over the meat.

  4. Keep an eye on the temperature and the fire as you will need to add more fuel periodically, but keep the lid closed as much as possible.

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