WANTED: A Box, a Picture and A Story to Tell

BeverlyALOctober 31, 2007

A little while ago I was in the shower and heard the doorbell ring. I came out and DH had placed a package on the cabinet delivered by UPS so it said. I said "that's strange, they never deliver until around 5:30 PM." DH said that when the doorbell rang and he went to the door it was just in time to see a lady jogger leaving our driveway who had brought the box. It had obviously been left at the wrong house. I looked and sure enough it was from Kathleen.

Kathleen really outdone herself. The first box she sent contained two four piece sets of beautiful leaf plates and a non-stick apple tart pan. I've never owned a tart pan so I can't wait to make an apple tart. I need recipes please. Also those plates with the beautiful brown veining that does not show up well in the photo are going to be wonderful to use for one of my ladies luncheons. Thank you Kathleen! Now, wouldn't you think that's three items? I did, so I posted that I had my swap box. But no, Kathleen tells me that the eight plates count as only one item and there's another box coming. Here's the contents from the first box.

All together.

The second box contained four oversized, lovely 100% cotton, blue and white dishtowels. Someone told her that was my favorite kitchen colors and they were so right. With the towels and just in time for Thanksgiving was a cute little turkey handle spreader. She packed it with a copy of a newspaper from where she lives and a nice note telling me I'm not the only Irish lass on the forum and a very special personal note. Thank you for working so diligently to put together such a wonderful package Kathleen. I'm so glad you didn't find a 2.5 quart pot.

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Oh, I love dishtowels and those are gorgeous! I really like the plates and the fall theme. I don't have a tart pan, but having one would sure motivate me to start baking in it! Lovely package Kathleen!


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Oh so beautiful Beverly!!! I really love those leaf plates, and they are versatile enough to be used all year long! The tart pan is terrific, I do make tarts on occasion and that's one sweet pan:-) The dishtowels look beautiful, sturdy and absorbent. Kathleen, that's one AWESOME swap box you sent to 'Bama. You did real good, fellow swap virgin. Beverly, enjoy it all. I'll look around for a good tart recipe for you.

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I love it all! That tart pan is really darling, you're going to use it often.

Well done Kathleen!



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Love those plates! And lucky you to be getting eight of them. That apple pan is really unique, and one can never get enough dishtowels! What a great swap box. Enjoy!


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Worth the wait! the pics are lovely!!

I LOVE the plates!!!

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Percet! In every way~

You are a great shopper :) And a thoughtful girl~

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What a lovely package. The plates are perfect for a ladies luncheon this time of year. Very nice!

Beverly, I can just see an apple tart baked up in that pan. Enjoy your package.

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Oh I agree, those plates will be perfect for your ladies luncheon and I've never seen an apple shaped tart pan. Leave it to Kathleen, LOL.

The towels are beautiful colors and I like the little turkey spreader too. I don't suppose the cake came with it? (grin)

Kathleen, that's a great package, I'm sure Beverly is busily enjoying it all.


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I love the leaf plates and just bought a similar set today! I'm going to use mine year round!

And the tart pan is so unique and cute too.

I am a kitchen towel "collector" but yours are just gorgeous! I can't quite make out the label, what brand are they?

Super job Kathleen, but I would not expect anything less!


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Love the leaf plates! You are a tease Kathleen.


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Bizzo said it, WORTH THE WAIT! What a great package, Kathleen! You did great! Beverly enjoy your gifts! I love them all, I think Kathleen did an awesome job sending you her favorites and I'm sure you'll put them to good use! Looking forward to hearing about it! Enjoy!

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Michelle, the lovely towels are Gourmet Classics from William Sonoma.


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I know that you put a lot of thought into the gifts Kathleen, and I love them all. Enjoy them Beverly!

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I love those plates! And the pan, towels and spreader finish off this lovely package perfectly!


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excellent swap package. i now am on a quest for these plates, which i just love and to get 8 of them, how perfect is that? i agree, the tart pan is great and can't wait to hear about your baking success. and what's not to love about a good dish/kitchen towel.

enjoy everything beverly. kathleen, you did great!


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The plates are very lovely. I've never seen a tart tin like that, very special. and the towels are lovely. Nice favorites.

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Kathleen, you did good. Those plates are unique and the apple tart pan is so cute. Looking forward to seeing what Beverly bakes in it.


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WHAAA! I can't see the pix, but it sounds like a lovely swap box. Great job Kathleen.

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Beverly you got a great swap package. I would love to have everything in that package. Kathleen, will you be my swap partner next time? Enjoy!

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Great stuff..but I didn't expect anything less!

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Beautiful leaf plates, they will be great for the holidays. Can I borrow the apple tart pan (just joking)? I need to make one with all the apples I picked. And who can't use new dishtowels. Nice stuff!

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Wonderful swap package! Very well done, Kathleen - enjoy, Beverly.

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While I'm going to miss the skeletons I truly enjoyed the saga of the wandering box. Well worth the wait, too! What a lovely box...love the pan, LOVE the dishes (diiiiiishes) and the WS towels are just great. Fabulous job, Kathleen!
Now tell the truth- you were expecting the missing box to be male model sized & have breathing holes poked into it, weren't you?


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Well that would have explained why it took so darn long to get there! 8 days by United Parcel!! The guy could have walked there! Building his muscles as he went along! LOL
It's been fun!

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Are those the really soft, cotton-y towels? They look wonderful!

And the plates are really special. I don't know if I would have seen the tart pan was in the shape of an apple if you hadn't mentioned it -- but apple tart sounds like a wonderful way to christen the pan!

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Alison, they are soft and made of cotton. I should have spread them out for all to see. I got lucky when I posted the pictures because I had a new computer and it has a different operating system than my old one. This one has windows Vista. Anyway they downloaded totally different from my old system. Now I'm trying to download and post a picture of the towels and I'm having all kinds of problems.

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Oh I love that tart pan ! And those little plates will be perfect for so many things. Great choices Kathleen-- enjoy Beverly-- esp those nice towels.

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I'm another blue and white-aholic, and since Karen posted those Garnier Thibeault tea towels, I've been sleuthing through the internet for more!

I love that you'll be able to use those dishes, Beverly! You get bragging rights when you do.

Nice job, Kathleen!

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