strange question-can you boil water in all clad

elenalMay 9, 2006

Hi: Strange question here...A neighbor, knowing I was looking for new cookware to break in my remodeled kitchen, just gave me her beautiful All Clad Stainless Pasta Pentola. (She has arthritis, and has never used this big boy.) I wouldn't spend money like that on a pasta pot, but there it is on my counter. My weird question is--can you actually prepare pasta in this pot. I read that you aren't supposed to use high heat with AC stainless, but then how can you prepare pasta w/o boiling water. I'm hoping I've got my 'facts' all wrong. Thanks

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I've purchased and returned a number of tea kettles that have manuals requiring use of "medium heat only". This admonition for a metal device that has no purpose other than boiling water. In my continuing search since those returns I have yet to find ANY tea-kettle that has a tag that says otherwise. IMHO this is liability-driven nonsense. Perhaps in the future we will be unable to purchase stoves with "high" settings for the burners.

I strongly suspect you're dealing with liability-avoidance labelling and nothing more. I'm willing to be educated, but this sounds like nonsense to me. I have several all-clad pans. I boil water on high with them all the time.

I wonder...should I attach a 3-paragraph disclaimer to this post?

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I believe many of the cookwares say "med heat" today. I am not sure why. I have some All Clad pieces and yes I do turn them on high for boiling water. Generally after a rapid boils starts, food added, boil returns, I do turn it down some and the rapid boil continues.

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Thanks to both of you. I hadn't thought about the liability issue, and that does help this silly admonition not to use a super macho pot like an AC over high heat. I'm glad to know that you've both used your AC with high heat. I've been fantasizing about making a bolognese tonight--first meal in my newly remodeled kitchen after 9 months of microwaving. I'm ready, now--thanks.

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As long as there is water in the pot, you will not damage your AC though it may discolor a bit. Use some Bar Keeper's Friend to keep it nice and shiny.

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It's like that 100% cotton shirt, with out interfacing or lining that says "dry clean only!"...
And.....what did you pay for the pot???
Use it!! Enjoy!!
Linda C

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I'll get the Bar Keeper's Friend. And thanks re the mention of not boiling the pot dry (I've been known to do that). And, Linda, I got the pot for a great price--free! My neighbor had it, and never used it. I've promised to make her some killer pasta dinners in it!

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I think the high heat discoloring it is probably something they have gotten complaints about, so they tell people not to do it. I say bullhocky. I use all of my pans for high heat if I want to, and the rainbow colors don't bother me at all.

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Somewhere in the discussion should be the question of warping a pan. I've been told that people who take a hot pan & put it in cooler dishwater warp their pans. A saleslady said that you were suppose to put vegetables in the pot at room temperature, though not sure if it was not to warp a pan. The question remains, can you put ice cold tap water in the pan the set a roaring fire on "high" under it, & still not damage or warp the multi-layer clad pan?

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Absolutely....if you can't I don't want that pan!!
Why would anyone care if a pan discolors when used as it was intended? I would not be happy that it did....but because it might wouldn't keep me from putting it on high heat or starting something with cold water.
What a pain it would be to have to "start" a pot of water on low...

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beachlily z9a

Oh my gaud! I made bolognese at Christmas. It was absolutely awesome! Enjoy your big pot!

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I bring the water to a boil at just under my stove's highest heat, because somewhere, sometime, I also heard not to use the highest heat.(That seems to be what discolors stainless.) It boils plenty fast anyway. It's the temperature they are talking about, not the boiling. I've called the all clad cust svc # 800-255-2523 several times. They were always great to deal with. They were the ones who told me about Bar Keepers Friend. It is a good friend, takes away anything stuck or discolored. Things do stick if the pan is not hot enough ( let it get hot on a med or a med hi heat) when you are sauteeing, usually it will release on its own. Get the pan hot, then add the oil, when it shimmers add the meat.

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I actually did call All-Clad and asked about that (among other questions). They said OK to bring to boil on high heat but then need to turn down to medium to avoid discoloration.

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I've been using All Clad for 20 years. Both the LTD and stainless lines. Yes, you can boil water in them. You can also take them from the rangetop directly into the oven. I've done this on many occassions over the years. Sometimes with the oven as high as 500 degrees. No damage has occured.

This is heavy duty top of the line stuff. Don't be afraid to use it.


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