Cooking on Polished Stainless

photobobMay 1, 2009

After a couple years of cooking on a rather eclectic mix of cookware (Le Creuset, Tramontina, All Clad, Calphalon One and tri-ply), I've decided I really prefer stainless to anodized. So, I'm slowly replacing the Calphalon One pieces with stainless as I find bargains...

Today I found a Kitchenaid 5-ply 2.5 qt saucier at TJM for $40. Good buy, nice piece, but I wonder about the polished stainless cooking surface. I worry that the polished surface will show scuffs and scratches from my metal whisks and utensils and get pretty ugly-looking pretty fast (it will hang prominently from my pot rack). This isn't really a problem with the "brushed" surfaces of my existing pieces, but I'm afraid of the polished surface.

So, I'm asking those of you who use polished stainless what your experience is with the mirror-like stuff. Will it stand up to day-to-day use?


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I only have one new pot in polished stainless steel, but I did run to my kitchen just now to polish its interior with baking soda after reading your post. Actually, its a rice cooker with a ss pot but it does sit proudly on the top of my stove. :)

I likes my pots, the ss set and all its mismatched ss, iron and carbon steel mates.

Truthfully, I just found this forum and this is my first post, so anything I say about polished ss doesn't really apply since all my stainless steel ware are subject to scrubbing with SOS pads or a Dobie. (Not the iron or carbon steel.)

JMHO, but a cooking pot deserves showing its battle honors.


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Not worried about mirror skill as a cook is inversly proportional to the pristine appearance of my cookware.
I agree, I don't like the anodized stuff....but sure don't worry about whisk marks and such in my stainless stuff. I use it, it gets marked up....that's just the way it is.
Linda C

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Thanks guys! You're absolutely right, of course. I only had to think about my older pieces and and my darkened wooden utensils to remind myself those aren't battle scars, it's "patina". It's the right pan and good quality, so what am I worrying about?

Fortunately, it was still on the store shelf this morning, so it's now happily hanging on the rack. Now, what to make for dinner tonite to welcome it to collection...

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