Has anyone really seen Corning Ware or VISIONS cookware explode?

joeekaitisMay 2, 2011

Having used structurally sound Corning Ware Pyroceram and VISIONS amber glass-ceramic cookware on the stove, under the broiler and in the oven without fear and without incident, I'm leery of tales about its perceived, and no doubt exaggerated, "tendency" to fail catastrophically when used as directed.

So I ask you, world:

Have YOU actually witnessed such explosive failure involving an intact piece of glass-ceramic cookware, specifically brands like Corning Ware Pyroceram, Arcoflam, Pyroflam and VISIONS? No second-hand accounts, please, because they tend to acquire embellishment along the way or the facts are tainted, i.e.: accidentally using Pyrex amber bakeware (which was sold for a short time to compliment VISIONS and was clearly labeled "NO STOVETOP OR BROILER") on the stove. Similarly, don't confuse mid-20th century white Pyrex with Corning Ware Pyroceram.

Lastly, stories about chipped, cracked or otherwise structurally compromised cookware don't count. Cracked cast iron has been known to explode but no one's circulating internet rumors as gospel truth about the "dangers" of cast iron.

Product defects do occur but I'm referring to the widely circulated accounts of a carefully maintained item breaking from normal cooking temperatures or minor thermal shock (less than glass-ceramic's threshold of 840 degrees F) as a reason to throw the stuff away and pull it off the market.

I don't work for World Kitchen and never worked for Corning but I have a feeling if you track down the truth, you'll find misuse, abuse and negligence as the root causes, not a manufactured-in "tendency" to failure.

What say you, world?

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Also post over in the Cooking forum, which is very active.

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Good pernt. Thanks. :)

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You BET! I had just taken my bigger corning ware bowl out of the dishwasher as I hadn't gotten around to unloading my dishwasher for about a day. I went to put it into my cabinet and turned around to go back to the dishwasher to unload more corning ware plates and bowls. A few minutes later that bowl exploded! Parts of the bowl was sitting in the cabinet and the rest was everywhere. My husband heard it being outside. We were SHOCKED! The bowl had no cracks, chips, nothing! I had just used the bowl the night before when company came over to put potato chips in. The bowl exploding put a cut in our new kitchen flooring and I'm lucky I wasn't standing in front of the cabinet when it decided to explode. I would be in the hospital with injuries to my face. Now I'm terrified to even use my corning ware dishes.

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Yes, it happened to my wife and I today, November 27, 2012. The dish was being used for the second time only. My wife had made a lasagna in it. She took the lasagna out of the oven, and about 1 minute later, we heard the sound of pieces of glass landing on the floor in front of the stove. The shards of glass traveled about 8 feet from the dish. In the attached picture you can see the dish is on a metal tray, which was put under the glass dish in case some cheeze bubbled over. It was set on top of the stove, on the two front burners which were cold to my touch.

So I'll be getting my money back for the dish, and I'll be asking for the cost of the Lasagna to, which was worth more then the dish.

Elsewhere I have read that the type of silica used to make Pyrex has changed and that Pyrex is no longer, "Pyrex". Corning is just licencing the name and it is no doubt made by someone who knows about price, but little else.

This particular dish had wide horizontal handles and came with a plastic lid.

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Here is that picture that didn't load in my past comment.

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manitoba that is outrageous-good for you for demanding to be compensated for the ingredients also(which are expensive). The manufacturing process has changed. So sad as Pyrex & Corningware were such reliable products(and employed so many people too) in this country.

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