wok seasoning question

jefdMay 18, 2005

I recently tried out my new wok for the first time. I got it from The Wok Shop, and seasoned it using one of their recommended methods; which involved repeatedly coating the inside with oil and baking it for 20 minutes at 450F. This seemed to work well, as the wok ended up with the brown coating that was described in the seasoning instructions. When I used it the first time, it worked great, although there was perhaps a bit more sticking than I would hope for in the long term. After I was done though, I noticed that the stainless steel spatula I used removed the seasoning in a few places. Is this to be expected? If so, will that stop happening as the seasoning builds up with use?

Thanks in advance for your insightful answers!


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Don't use stainless steal as tossers....use bamboo or wood...or even silicone. Metal will scratch the seasoning off...
And never use soap....just hot water and a paper towel....or scrub with salt if something nasty is sticking.
Linda C

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That's a little confusing; all the pictures I see of Chinese chefs stir-frying show them with steel spatulas. How are they getting away with that?


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jefd, Let me jump in here if I may. A professional chef will have a very well seasoned wok which will be virtually non-stick. Since your wok is new, the seasoning is just beginning to develop, and probably isn't thick enough yet to withstand a heavy amount of scraping. I have a cast iron wok that I use a SS spautla on which works quite well, but I've had some time for it to develop, and it's not as smooth as a carbon steel wok. I also had to season my wok several times before food quit sticking altogether. (If you plan to fry something in several cups of oil, it helps season the wok more quickly.) Also, remember to heat your wok first, then pour in the oil cold, which helps keep food from sticking. Enjoy your new cookware; I love my wok and it gets used quite often!

(FWIW, I love the Wok Shop; I got my ironwood chopping block there.)

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Claire de Luna,

Thanks, that's useful to hear. I think I'll plan on some supplemental seasoning after cooking.


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