What's your most used cookware? And why?

yeonaskyMay 5, 2007

And what's the second third and so on most used cookware?

I'd have to say my cookware in order of most use are:

The stainless Lagostina pots for pasta and sauces

Then the cast iron fry pans,

Next the steamers.

The casserole dishes are next for lasagne and casseroles

After that, very infrequently, the wok and the baking pans and sheets.

Why, you ask. I do stove top cooking more than oven as most meals are the ubiquitous quick breakfast eggs, or oatmeal, and lunches of soups, sandwiches, and leftovers, requiring little oven usages. Also I cook several servings of meat, and make extra cassseroles etc, at once, and freeze them when I use the oven. I'm obviously not a gourmet cook, just mostly do average meals and more plain fare. I would like to change my cooking methods to include a steaming oven instead of a microwave for reheating? and a pressure cooker instead of the oven for pork and beef roasts and steamed vegetables. Every toaster oven I've gotten has given up the ghost before I've gotten any value out of it, otherwise I'd try that for some reheating.


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Without a doubt the most used pan is a 10 inch heavy weight non stick fry pan....it cooks eggs, sautees veggies or a chicken breast or 2, browns a few shrimp etc etc..
Next would be a 5 or 6 cup Le C. dutch oven...
And then a 2 qt pyrex dish that cooks asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, rice and warms up all sorts of things in the micro.
And then the wok....
Linda C

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Don't want to sound like a wiseguy, but my most used is---everything. I don't keep stuff that doesn't get used often, because I have no storage room to spare.

Probably the cast ironware gets a slight nod, though, followed by the stainless skillets and pots. Then the bakeware.

The wok is an exception. It doesn't get used as often as it should. But nothing cooks like a wok, and when you need one nothing really subs. So it sits there, taking up more space than I can spare.

I don't use non-stick cookware (other than the cured cast-iron) and there's none of it in the house.

Other than a microwave I don't own any of the appliences you mention. I keep trying to talk myself into a bamboo steamer, but I know I won't use it enough to justify the space it would take up.

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Without a doubt, my cast iron skillets come first. Some meals I have 2 going at one time.

Tie for 2nd place would be my all-clad saucepan or the enameled cast iron dutch oven.

I don't use my good ole Presto pressure cooker as much as the days I had children at home, but when I need it, I really NEED it!
I don't use Teflon at all. SU has a Cuisinart hard anodized non-stick omelett pan, but the cast iron does just as well, for me. I also use my 2 cast iron dutch ovens, but not as frequently as the first 3 items. Like the pressure cooker, when I need them, I really NEED them!

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A 3 qt. aluminum straight side saute pan, from a restaurant supply store, for $13. My Calphalon anodized is long warped - gotta get it replaced - and I did look at and lust for a quality stainless steel lined copper job. But I can't justify the price right now!

Second and third are cheap stainless Farberware steamers and pot - for steaming veggies and boiling pasta. They go in the dishwasher.

Gotta throw in fourth and fifth - Ikea non-stick fry pan, and cast iron Lodge fry pan.

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My old, old Revere 2qt covered saucepan and my Revere stockpot or whatever they call it.

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