Problem with IMAC and Printer

abbey_cnyNovember 10, 2012

I am having a problem with my printer. Plenty of toner and paper, but an error light is blinking and I cannot figure out why. I thought I would just reinstall the printer and see what happens. However I cannot figure out how to delete the printer app off of my imac as it is not in the dock and it is isn't listed under my applications. The printer is still registering on the computer as I can select the print option for a document and the printer info will come up, and I will get a message saying it is printing but nothing happens.

I have an IMCAC Model ident 10.1, running OS X. So can anyone tell me how to find the printer app in order to delete it and reinstall? Thanks for any suggestions.


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You want System Preferences, then choose Print and Fax. Highlight the printer and click the little minus sign below your list of printers. You're get a confirmation box.

That's probably not the problem. You might want to read the manual for the printer and see what the cause of the error light is.

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