Testing a crock pot

catherinetMay 24, 2005

Hi all,

I got a big crockpot for a wedding present 20 years ago. I haven't used it for about 16 years. I am going to use it for a big party I'm having this weekend. It has a removable ceramic bowl. I thought I'd better test it, to make sure it's working. I put a couple inches of water in it, and turned it on high for about 45 minutes, then low for about 15, and the outside of the crockpot was incredibly hot, but the water was still cold. Maybe water doesn't work well for this test? I just don't want to rely on it, and then have it not work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I have an ancient (20+ yrs) crock pot as well. The outside "can" is light guage metal with embedded heating coils, and the crock is a very heavy ceramic, well, crock. The coils heat up and eventually heat the crock to cooking temperature. Not real effecient to heat up, takes a long time, but once heated, the crock stays hot for quite a while.

If yours is the same, I'd think it's fine to use if the outside is heating. Just remember that you need to plan ahead for the "lead time" you'll need to get it heated up.

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Thanks Photobob!

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Hi Catherine, its me!

I think your crockpot will work just fine. I don't think 45 minutes with water in it is a great test. They need several hours to really get rolling, especially the old ones like yours which cook at a much slower heat. I bought an old one (70's) for $3.00 at a thrift shop last year and it works great.

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Here is a link for testing your crock pot and also some info on crock pot safety.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crock-Pot Safety

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Thanks Woodie and blondelle!
Blondelle......I did an internet search for testing a crockpot and didn't find anything as useful and informative as the link you gave. Thanks so much!

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