Wolfgang Puck cookware?

maggie2094May 15, 2005

I was at BJ's club today and saw Wolfgang's 16 piece SS set (I think tri-ply) for $99. I almost fainted. Seem like good heavy pans - like the fact that the set also includes a non-stick omelet pan. I also noticed the handles were "hollow"....does this help them stay cool? Didn't see any info on the box. I want to run back and buy them but afraid too good to be true!

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You're correct about the hollow handles. I believe the Wolfgang Puck set has disk bottoms vs. cladding throughout. Sam's Club has a tri-ply all clad set, which is comparable to All Clad, for under $130.00. The difference is in the construction. The Sam's/Member's Mark is composed of two layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core throughout. The BJ's/Wolfgang Puck has a triple ply disk on the bottom of the pans. Considering you're purchasing a set, rather than individual pieces, I would suggest taking a look at the Member's Mark. The construction (IMHO) is superior. I have supplied a link to the Sam's Club.

Here is a link that might be useful: Member's Mark cookware

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I have a Wolfgang Puck saute pan with the hollow handle. Got it at TJM.

The handle definitely gets hot on a gas stove. I have to remember to use a pot holder when using this pan. It will burn your hand.

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Thanks. Darn, I don't have a Sam's Club in my area.

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Maggie, where in NY are you located? I have linked a Sam's Club location finder for you. You have the option of looking up to 100 miles from your area by using your zip code.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sam's Club locater

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