Need Advice for cleaning white ceramic stove top

caydanceNovember 17, 2013

I find it difficult to keep looking nice. I had black before and it was easier. Any advice?

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Ceramic? as in radiant electric (or maybe induction) smoothtop? Tried the cleaning creams like Ceramabryte?

Or as in porcelain (painted) finish on a gas stove or coil electric? Tried Barkeeper's Friend?

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In the past I've found Whink to be far superior to Ceramabryte and Weimans. I'm having a heck of a time keeping my new range clean relative to my old cooktop (both black) and this thread prompted me to buy Whink online since it's no longer available to me locally that I know of. Should be delivered by mid week after which I'll report back. Overall it gets good reviews on Amazon with several people saying it's better than other products, so I'm keeping fingers crossed.

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Whatever stove top cleaner you use, get a razor blade scraper. I find that I can scrape off most of the heavy stuff and wipe that up with a paper towel. Then I add the cleaner and try scraping it across the stains. Finally I polish up the last stuff with a dry paper towel (we use Bounty).

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My Amazon order for Whink came in. Here goes - after using a razor blade and then three aggressive applications of Weiman:

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And after one additional application of Whink:

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