Is this forum dying?

Lynne_SJOMay 25, 2005

Hey everyone:

I am a long time lurker and poster and have noticed that the activity on this particular forum has dropped off to nearly zero. Nothing new that I can see, since the handheld foodsaver post. Has everyone stopped cooking? Stopped shopping for cookware? Other? Perhaps all the posts are going to Appliances, Cooking and other locations.

Please, let's all try to come up with some new discussion topics, though I know this can be difficult. I will try if you will.



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I think we are outdoors more, computering is more a winter pasttime unless one is addicted ( don't ask)

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Lynne, I'm an active member of the Cooking Forum and I can tell you that we regularly discuss cooking vessels, utensils and accessories. I honestly tend to forget that this cookware forum is here, but once in a while I do come over to look. Not that I don't care for it over here, I just kind of forget because we talk about a lot of the same topics over on Cooking.

I'll try to come over more often since you seem to like it here, maybe I will too! But, please don't forget to drop in over at the Cooking Forum and ask a question or two. We have a lot of people with a lot of experience and a lot of opinions!

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It's probably been even worse during the last week because of all the server problems that THS/Gardenweb has been having. Many Forum members have become frustrated because they can't even log in.

Once things stabilize, it may return to normal...


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Thanks guys. Guess I'll spend more time at the cooking forum.

Lest anyone think that I have no life outside of being a fanatic poster on these forums - this is what I do every morning while drinking the coffee and trying to wake up and face the day. Of course it means that I often don't get to the office until 10 or 11AM. That means that I have to stay late. Dang.


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Lynne, are you trying say that you may have a forum addiction? LOL.

Just come over and visit 'Cooking' if you want to see some real addicts, including moi!

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This is a good forum, but one problem is that people keep repeating the same questions instead of looking back to see if they have already been discussed.

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What is the URL for "Cooking"?

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Deanb, go to the top of this page and you'll see a "Featured Forums:....(choose from list)" box and select 'Cooking' from there. Its another forum here on That Home Site section of The Garden Web.

Love to see you over there! We have a lot of fun and we also have a lot of people with all levels of experience from beginning cooks to very experienced and the conversation, information and recipe ideas are flowing regularly. Check out the "What's For Dinner" thread for the great pictures and meal ideas!

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Thanks Woodie!

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