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dmloveMay 28, 2007

I need to get a plain-old cast iron flat bottom (not ridged) skillet. Other than searching for an old one on ebay (Griswold, Wagner etc.), is there a difference among the current variety - Lodge (made in America), Chefmate (at Target, but made in China)? I saw Emeril cast iron yesterday at BB&B and the inside felt very rough to me, but maybe the others do, too? What is your suggestion -- this will be my first ever cast iron piece (besides my enamled LeCreuset Dutch Oven).

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You might want to try some second hand stores or flea markets for a good old skillet. The old ones seem better than some of the newer ones.

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The new ones are all rough, but they get better and better as you use them. I recently bought an Emeril cast iron dutch oven that was pre-seasoned. I seasoned it a couple of times anyway and have cooked in it four times and it already seems a little smoother.

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I ended up getting a small Lodge skillet and used it for the first time tonight to make chicken cutlets. It is AWESOME! I used about 1 Tbsp oil, and it was too muchNext question - I don't have a "stiff brush" to clean it with. Tonight I just used water and a Dobie pad. What kind of brush should I get -- what are the bristles made of?

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Oh cool, dmlove! What size skillet did you get? So glad you're happy with your Lodge skillet -- I know you've been thinking about this for a long time.

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I got a small one - the 10-1/2". I used it last night for chicken cutlets, and tonight my daughter made herself a quesadilla and then I sauteed prawns in it (all I did was wipe it out with a paper towel in between). Seriously, I don't know how I did without one all these years!

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There's a cookware company called Fancy Cook that sells enamel cast iron for a really good price I got a enamel cast iron 10" skillet for $28.00 which Le Crueset sells for $99 and the good thing about this company is that they have it in 10 vibrant colors, so check them out at and also the quality of their cookware is just as good as Le Crueset you wont be disappointed.

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