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sleevendogMay 7, 2013

We have good knives. 2 sets of Wusthof Classic. One set from 24yrs ago and i'm guessing the second set...vaguely remember picking it up 15yrs ago. Must have been a good price and a bigger set. Some other oddities from wherever and not so great so they ended up in the vacation home. One of the odd ones must have been from college days. Handle looks always thirsty, pale cheap wood. I love this thing. (the blade anywho). It is similar shape to my Wusthof chef 7'' but the tip, the 2'' before the blade is useful for chopping, is serrated like my tomato knife. I have randomly look for something similar over the years in a better quality, even on-line.
It is such a useful tool. Using the serrated tip to get through a tomato and the rest of the blade slices so well. I don't have a pic as it is far away.

Anyone have something like that?

I do have a nice serrated, nice and long, tomato slicer. And a good cheese knife that also does a tom. Just curious why i've never come across something similar when it does so many things so well.
My big heavy steak knives have a serrated tip. Hmmm

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Check out the thread on the Kitchens forum. Very good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Let's talk knives

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I found it. HarvardCutlery 391. It had wedged itself under the cutlery tray in the cabin.
An old company no longer in business. Much nicer quality than i had remembered.
(it has been missing for a few years now). One is listed on ebay right now.
My question is, if my pic loads, if another maker produces a similar blade style. It is such a useful tool. My husband remembers me having it in college in RhodeIsland. Must have picked it up in a thrift store there.
Anyway, mystery solved.
Would be a good house warming gift, wedding, and my father needs a new knife more all purpose. It does slice tomatoes beautifully.

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