Tachi vs Kyocera ceramic knives

headvaseMay 7, 2009

I have both Kyocera and Tachi 6" chefs and 4" utility knives. I like both types except the Tachi seems to be more balanced and is about half the price. Tachi does offfer a life time warranty and I did mess up and break the tip on mine and they replaced it free of charge.



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Thanks for the post. I have quite a few Kyocera ceramics which I like because of the sharpness -- the "razor blade with handle" thing that makes them superior for many tasks. The edges no NOT hold up as well as claimed however, and I send them in at about 12-18 month intervals.

If the Tachi's are equiv. or better and cheaper (internet search seems to indicate much cheaper!) I might be tempted to buy a few more. I will not be buying any more Kyoceras. Too expensive, too delicate, and impossible to maintain personally.

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The Tachi rep. told me Kyocera sharpens their ceramic knives at a 19 degree angle and Tachi at a 17 degree angle. He said that is why they hold an edge longer and don't chip as easy. I've had my Tachi knives a little over a year and they have held up great. I figure if they last just as long as Kyocera the price difference is a big savings.

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