Kenmore Elite made by Electrolux

ladoladiNovember 19, 2010


I've already purchased the 36" freestanding kenmore elite range model# 7540 which I was told is made by Electrolux. It has not been delivered yet and won't be for another month because we are in the middle of a reno. And yes I know buying the stove before we were done with demo and framing was probably a bad idea, but it was a fabulous sale ( that might cost us more in the long run).

The problem is we've uncovered some water pipes that stick out of our cement slab right where the stove's foot is supposed to be. I've found all the specs for the stove available, but they only list front height, width, clearances, pressure regulator location, etc. There are no specs for the back bottom of the stove. In the dimensionless diagram of the back of the stove there seems to be a gap near the back bottom of the stove that might fit over the water pipes but I'm unable to find any dimensions for this gap. I've called kenmore/ sears 1800 and they've been unable to tell me and i've called sears stores in the surrounding areas but it's not a model they keep on the floor.

I am wondering if anyone at all has this stove, and I would certainly not ask you to move your stove, but I'm wondering if you remember if there was any kind of significant gap at the back bottom of the stove.

My option otherwise is to jack up the slab and bury the water lines. I am trying to avoid that.

Thank you very much in advance. Any advice might save me a lot of additional trouble.

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If you can possibly find a place to put it, I recommend taking delivery. I had each appliance on hand where I could make measurements before I committed to the positioning of its various interfaces. Even down-loadable CAD drawings can have errors.


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