Pre-seasoned woks?

harperMay 21, 2006

Anybody have one of these?


Here is a link that might be useful: pre-seasoned woks

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No, although I might have fallen for one if I'd seen it before I got my unseasoned carbon steel wok for $10 on eBay. To my great surprise and gratification, seasoning was incredibly easy, and resulted in a non-stick wok on the first try. In fact, I even got the instructions wrong, and it still worked! I scrubbed the wok in hot soapy water to remove the protective coating, then wiped it with peanut oil & put it on a high flame (should have been low) on my gas cooktop. Then I think I scrubbed it with hot water again, dried on low flame, and used it for a first chicken stir-fry, with no sticking. It looked pretty ugly for a while, but the patina has now evened out, and it's as non-stick as the most expensive pan I have.


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I can't think why anyone would want one when it's so easy to season your own....and you know what oils are used.
Linda C

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