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jannaz_gwNovember 3, 2010

My husband has an HP 1210 (printer, scanner, copier).

We replaced the colored ink cartridge, and the computer suggested we needed to "calibrate" (I don't know what the correct term is) the new cartridge so print lines up correctly.

It said to go to the HP toolbar to do this. I have looked Everywhere for an HP toolbar. Can't find it. There are buttons on the outside of the machine, one of which is supposed to check the print cartridge. It doesn't appear to be functional--at least I can't get it to do anything.

We would be very grateful for any suggestions. I did try the HP website, but didn't see anything promising. His PC is an Acer, with W XP pro.



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If it's not in start > all programs under hp try going to printers in the control panel and right click on the printer and see if it shows up in the drop down menu.

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Perhaps that would be toolbox.

Look on your Start Menu for an entry HP Solutions. When activated a tab or interface could have the portal to the utility you are searching for.

Or, go into your Printer folder on the Start Menu. Locate the target printer. Right-click on it. In the appearing drop down menu there may be a toolbox entry or Tools. If not, click on properties to see if the above access appears.


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Sorry Bob as I stepped on you a little bit. Your typing is probably more superior than mine.


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When I got my HP Printer, I had to scan a document.

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No problem. I haven't had an hp printer for a long time and my memory is shot. I do remember the printer insisting I recalibrate each time I put in a cartridge.

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The way I read the instructions was that after you change the cartridge(s) the printer will automatically print an alignment page. The user then needs to scan that page.

Here is a link that might be useful: HP Support

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Back to the toolbox for a moment as I was thinking about it on the way home from work.

Did you install software from a cd/dvd as you connected the printer or did you use the generic drivers provided by Windows during the installation? If it is the latter rather than the prior there would be no toolbox. This could be true even though the printer and its functions work fine.


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Thanks, all. None of the above appears to apply.

I'm thinking when the printer was installed (via cd, as Damccoy asks) whatever was supposed to install the toolbar didn't. And of course the printer is so old, we can't get technical help from HP without a fee.

It did at one time print a page to be examined to correct the alignment, but not this time, and that's what we were trying to find how to do manually. Guess we'll be printing in black and white for now.

Thanks for trying.

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Just to clarify things a bit, it's not that the printer isn't printing, it's not printing red ink. Tried two different ink cartridges, so we don't think the problem is with the cartridge. In looking again at the HP site, we found directions for cleaning the contacts, which may solve the original problem. If we can get that cleared up, we can probably limp along without the toolbox. Hubby did the installation, and I suspect he missed something important.

again, thanks,

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One last try:

On the Start Menu locate the Printers portal and open it. Locate the target printer and double click on it. On the appearing window in the upper left corner click on Printer. On the appearing drop down menu select Properties. Perhaps you can access the Toolbox from one of the tabs.


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try reinstalling the ink cart and make sure that little plastic strip in not on the print head.

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I believe that message is referring to "alignment of the print head". On the newer HP inkjets, the alignment procedure can be initiated by one of two ways: printer software installed on your computer, or by a control panel on the printer. The control panel on the printer is probably the faster way. Fish around in the menus to locate the alignment procedure. It may be under Setup > Tools > Alignment. Make sure there is a couple sheets of paper in the paper feed tray, and then press "alignment". Follow instructions. However, I suspect the process will be fully automatic in newer HP printers. Older printers required that you examine a page of patterns and input best fits. It may take 5 minutes to complete.

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PKponder TX

FYI...if you bought HP cartridges, they will be covered under warranty, or at least they used to be when I contracted with HP. They will walk you through any steps needed to get the red ink flowing.

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DA - thank you. I tried doing what you suggested (Start, then Printer) and via the control panel into printers from there as someone suggested earlier. I can find a file for the printer, but the only thing that right, left, or double-clicking brings up has to do with printing photographs and changing their size, etc. If I could locate what you're telling me to look for, it probably would have a trouble-shooting menu.

I haven't had a chance to try cleaning the contacts yet, but I'm hoping when we put the cartridges back in we'll get that automatic alignment thing, and maybe from there can get to troubleshooting.

Big Al - that protective strip is the first thing I looked for. I knew it wouldn't be anything so simple!

PK - that's a thought. We'll see what happens

Again, thanks to all of you. Sorry to be so long in getting back.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

HP offers online chat for all of their products for free, I have used their chat for a printer problem and got very good results I would recommend going to the HP site and do the search for your model number then initiate a chat session. There is no time limit for use of the free chat

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I have an HP PSC 2110 All-in-One printer. Hopefully this will take you to the 'HP Toolbox'.
Start/Control Panel/ right click your HP printer in the list and select 'Properties'. On the 'General' tab click on the 'Printing Preferences' tab and then click on the 'Services' tab. There you should see 'Open the HP Toolbox'.


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Witz- you are almost right, except there's nothing listed in control panel for this all-in-one except the photography portion.

However, I discovered quite by accident that if I go into a wordfile and click File > Print > Properties, a tab comes up that says Printer Services. And if you click on that, it says "Open HP toolbox" !!!!!!! It gave me exactly what I needed.

Except for the knife, gun, or bazooka I'm going to use on my husband for ***not*** telling me he'd put in an ancient cartridge--that would have imediately alerted me to the fact that the red ink was probably dried up. Soon as we put in a fresh new one, it printed just fine. and having found the tool box, I could run the tests to make sure all was as it should be.

I do thank all of you so much for your continuing efforts to help. You're all welcome to come visit hubby in the hospital, if he survives what I entend to do to him!


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