why must I have 'zip'?

ilmbgNovember 20, 2011

I just bought a TMobile Gravity Smart phone. The manuels that come with them nowadays is minimal at best (I am being nice). I tried to download a manuel online from TMobile, but keep getting a messege that I need a 'zip file'. When I start to download a place that has zip file/download, I see they are going to download a bunch of stuff I don't want. How can I download a manuel by itself? thx

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Maybe look at the link below... the webpage has a link to download the manual in adobe PDF format for a Samsung Gravity titled 'Gravity SMART User Guide.pdf (9.3 MB) Download '

Here is a link that might be useful: User manual - Samsung Gravity Smart

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Compressed files were far more common in the days before broadband connections because they speed downloads. I looked briefly at T-Mobile's site and didn't see any compressed files for your phone. In any case, zip files, can be expanded by Windows Vista and 7 (maybe XP) without the need for additional software. In the case of something like a manual, there shouldn't be anything in the file beside the manual.

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