Bosch wall oven - temperature probe question

muppetmomNovember 6, 2013

I am trying to get back in the cost box on a major reno so I'm thinking about switching from Wolf to Bosch for a 30" single oven (other oven is Wolf combi-steam). Can anyone tell me if the temperature sensed by the probe is provided on the display? This is a very useful feature but the manual doesn't say anything about it. I'm leaning toward the 500 series for the knobs but the 800 is also possible.

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It does on my Bosch range so I'd expect the same on the ovens. Large numbers display oven setting, smaller numbers typically display oven temp as it's preheating then shuts off. With probe in the small number indicates probe temp and stays on.

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ps - I've barely used mine, but my initial impression is that it's not terribly accurate. Might keep me from opening the oven as much but it doesn't replace a good instant read thermometer for something where exact temp is critical. To start with, it displays in 5 degree increments.

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The probe temperature shows on the display panel - once you stick the probe in the meat, then plug it into the oven, the temperature setting displays: you then adjust it to what you want the probe to reach. Once that temperature is reached, (at whatever your oven temp. is set to) the timer alert thing will sound, and the oven will turn off.

I have used it regularly when cooking a very slow roast pork shoulder, where I want the internal temperature to be very specific for the fat to break down.

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Thanks for the info. I guess they chose to display in 5 degree increments because the accuracy is poor. That makes me think twice but I guess I could learn to adjust after calibrating with an instant read a few times. Anyone have experience with Miele, Monogram, or Wolf probes? Are they more accurate?

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I forgot to write that in my 500 series, the probe works in individual degrees - no 5 degree jumps: I can see it creep up a single degree at a time. And I haven't had an issue with accuracy.

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Good to know. IIRC when I used the probe for a meal I was happy with it, but yesterday when I was testing it to be sure I was explaining the display correctly I noticed that it displayed 135 in a cup of water, and checked it against my Thermapen which I trust, and that read 143. I might be being generous here, but perhaps there's some corrective logic built in because over time the metal of the probe will conduct heat faster than the meat will. I'll pay closer attention the next time I use it for real. Either way, good to note the ovens display to one degree.

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Have Bosch oven with touch controls. Probe gives temperature when I use it, but I've never attempted an accuracy check. So that's good.

Bad is our unit required repairs and then replacement under warranty.

Separately, my Pet peeve is with timer that requires inputs of seconds. To put in initial time or change time is annoying. Might check that vs model with knob & ensure you have good warranty. Our experience getting sears to honor warranty was not good, so would not recommend relying on its warranty service.

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The # of my model is HBL8450.

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