Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

catt11May 18, 2002

I have read threads in here from people who love their KitchenAid mixers and say they use them from everything from kneading bread to grinding meat (with the meat grinder attachment). But tell me, is that with the "Artisan" with 325 watts of power, or the "Professional" with 525 watts of power (and a whopping $369.00 price tag!). In other words, if I buy the less expensive $250.00 mixer, will it do a good enough job in kneading dough and grinding meat with the grinder attachment? Anyone out there with a KitchenAid mixer, either model, can help me? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I think the $250.00 mixer will be fine! I have that one, it has a 4qt. stainless steel bowl and I love it. Don't know what I did without it. Even a boxed cake mix ends up making a lighter, fluffier cake. If you have a large family and need bigger portions, then maybe the 5 qt. or larger would be better. Check out QVC, They carry a couple models, also Chef's Catalog,, or The reviews on Amazon may help. Good luck!

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Hi, it's me again! I went and checked out my mixer and it is a 4 1/2 quart, 300 Watts. The price on QVC is $223.00. I got mine at the department store, Boscov's for about $190.00, on sale. I've even seen them at WalMart for $199.00. Hope this helps.

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I have a ProLine with a 325 watt motor and I believe a 5 quart bowl. I have a meat grinder and I do two loaves of bread at a time. My mixer has done a good job with everything I've used it for. The only problem I have with it, if you can call it a problem, is that if I turn the speed up too high when kneading two loves of bread, the mixer will jump off the counter if I don't hold it. Actually there's no reason to turn the speed up high because the machine does an excelent job of kneading with the dough hook just "doodling" along.

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Target sells them cheap as well as Sam's which has extra attachments than if you were to buy at a department store. I have the 4qt and it is wonderful. I have made everything from meatloaf to bread and would not trade it for the world. Enjoy, Lisa

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I have had my Kitchen Aid for over 20 years - the smaller unit 4.5 qt and it has performed beautifully every time. Cake mix and dough, egg whites and whipping cream. The 5 Qt does have more bowl room which is nice. Depends on your baking needs. Shop around like everyone said. Check the warehouse clubs too. You are sure to find it on sale, especially around a holiday like mother's day that just passed.

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Hi, all. I've had my 5-qt Kitchenaid since 1980. At that time I was baking pies for a diner in our rural community - six pies a day, five days a week, and 14 pies on Fridays. Used the mixer for mixing pastry for crusts, some fillings, and meringue for 6 pies at a time (18 x-lg eggs!). I also mixed and kneaded two loaves of bread at a time a couple times a week and have used it for giant batches of cookies, fruitcakes and other holiday goodies, and all sorts of other food.

I've never had to take it in for work. The coating (acrylic?) on the regular beater developed several cracks, so I mail-ordered a replacement a few years ago; other than that I've only had wonderful service from this workhorse. I have "paced" the work when doing multiple batches of heavy foods to keep it from overheating, and I keep it clean, other than that no special care taken.

I highly recommend investing in a good quality mixer.

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Oops! I forgot to mention that I have used the meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid all these years as well. I've ground raw and cooked meats, and ground a combination of pitted dates and walnuts many times for our family's favorite kolachi filling.

The KitchenAid certainly would fill the bill for most people to use in their homes.

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We have the 475 watt Epicurian model and love it. The bowl is 7 qt, I believe. When you knead dough, you can hear the motor strain a bit, so I would be hesitant to get the less powerful model, unless you are going to be making unusually small quantities of things.


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I've had my smaller model KitchenAid for over 8 years and it does all I want it to do. Got a deal on a returned/used one! IMHO and check the manual, but I don't think you are supposed to crank it up to high to knead dough. I do that on speed 4 for 5 minutes and never overwork or overheat the motor. The best thing about this stand model is that you can be cleaning up or greasing pans or talking on the phone and it will just do it's thing - I don't go out of the kitchen, don't trust any appliance that much!

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My mom has one of each (she is a caterer) and when I bought mine I asked her whether I should get the bigger one and she said it didn't matter, the only difference she ever noticed while working was that the bowl is slightly bigger on the big one (of course). But the regular bowl is big enough for a double batch of many things, and I don't make big enough quantities of anything that it is worth $150 to not have to do two separate batches occasionally. The horsepower has not been an issue, though I don't have a meat grinder attachment so I'm not sure if that would pose a problem.

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Thanks everyone, for all the help and advice! I sure do appreciate the people on these forums! I hope to get my kitchenaid mixer (the smaller one) in the very near future. Everyone's input was a big help.

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Catt - if you have not already bought your mixer, check our the factory refurbished models on Ebay. Make sure you're looking at the ones offered through the KitchenAid store and not through the other vendors. They have a warranty. the prices are pretty good. I'm thinking of picking up another one myself. I miss having two when I get on a baking spree. I should never have sold the other one. :(

The size you want depends on how you plan to use it. For many people, the smaller mixers are great; those who do double bread batches or larger quantity recipes will miss the larger bowl and greater horsepower.

One thing to bear in mind though, is that those of us with 15 and 20 year old KAs that are still going strong are working with a different machine than the new ones. The older KAs were made by Hobart, a company that still makes wonderful, large capacity mixers for restaraunts. Hobart sold KitchenAid to another company some years ago. They have not been the same workhorse since then. I'll put my 30 year old K5 (4.5 quart, 325 watt) up against my MILs new 6 quart 525-watt anyday and it will work circles around it. Thing is, she's crying because she gave us the old one and wants it back! I told her "no way." My SIL has a tilt head model -- OK for her as she only uses it for cake mixes, etc. but I don't like it. It chokes on bread dough and has the annoying habit of "walking" the counter.

We did have Hobart rebuild our K5 about ten years ago when MIIL stripped the gears (long story -- don't knead sourdough on high, period, in any mixer). It was worth every dime to rebuild it.

If anything ever happens to it now, though, I guess I'm going to be out of luck. It's getting hard to find the parts or anyone who knows how to fix the older ones correctly. I was lucky last time in that I was managing a restaurant and was able to beg our Hobart rep into doing the work as a personal favor. There is a Bobart plant near me now, so I guess if Bertha ever bites the dust I can sit in front of the factory and cry until someone takes pity on me. :)

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Renee, I wish Hobart had never sold off KitchenAid. I miss their dishwashers too! :-( Someday I'm going to get me one of those Hobart builtin dishwashers that washes the dishes in 4 minutes. ;-) What is the smallest mixer Hobart offers? Would it be small enough for a home kitchen, if someone wanted to try and obtain one through a dealer or restaurant supply?

As for the mixers, mine is a Hobart-made K-45, and having used others' non-Hobart machines, there definitely is a difference, and particularly if they don't use the same parts or repair methods as the older models as Renee pointed out. They aren't inherently bad, and as the posts here attest many are doing fine with them, but they just aren't quite the same. But then, so many of the vintage appliances, both large and small just seem so much better.

Having used common sense and following the instructions, I have had wonderful service from mine for nearly 20 years regardless of the type of mixture, and I hope it lasts me the rest of my days, I would *never* want to give it up, and I don't know that I'd get KA if I had to get a new one. Maybe Kenwood or something.

Ebay might be a source for people to find pre owned Hobart made machines, perhaps for significantly less than a new non Hobart one cost.

All that said, I am curious to the owners of the models where the bowl cranks to the beater: am I the only one that finds that setup annoying? Our church kitchen has one, and the bowl does not lower enough for the beater to clear the mixture and it's a mess, whereas my tilt back one it is always clear. I'm just curious to get people's comments and ideas, because I just don't like that setup nearly as well.

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Scott - sounds like the church's mixer may be out of adjustment, too. On both the K5 I have now and the one i sold (sniff), I did not have that problem. (K5 is a bowl lift model.) My MIL has alwasy had KA's and didn't have the problem UNTIL she bought this new one. She had to have it adjusted so the beater would get all the way into the bowl and not leave a dry pocket.

The smallest mixer I have found that Hobart makes is a 12-quart. I've heard that they make a 8 quart, but I can't find anything on it. It may be a discontinued. New, they run about $1600. You could probably find a refrub for half that. I would probably trust a factory refurbed, but I'd be wary of a used "in-house" refurb'ed. Some places don't like go of these babies until they are on their last legs.

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Well, do I have some info for you on the Hobart mixers! I had an old K-5 Kitchenaid. That thing worked like a dream. I purchased a 6 quart profession - what a pile of junk. I went through 3 of them (kept sending them back to Kitchenaid to repairs), and finally gave up on them. I don't do anything out of the ordinary as far as quantities go. Do a lot of baking at home (homemade bread, cookies, meatloaf, etc..etc.)

I was looking through E-Bay one day, and found a 5 quart Hobart. After doing some research, I discovered that it is the original Kitchenaid mixer from the 30's, but is now produced for commercial use.

I love that machine! It would mix cement if you wanted it to! It doesn't pause for anything - noodle dough, bread dough, etc.

It takes all the KA attachments on the front of the machine. In fact, I went on E-Bay and now have all the old metal attachments and even the old ice cream freezer.

I would recommended anyone go on there and try to get this machine if you're a serious cook/baker. They're not really that much bigger than the K-5 Kitchenaid, and it cost me around $420 for it.

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I've been following this discussion with a great deal of interest -- very timely for me since I was contemplating the purchase of a 6-qt Kitchenaid stand mixer. I started doing some looking on the web, and found a site for Hobart mixers -- they now make a 5-qt counter top model along with the really big ones. The model nr is N-50. You can find more info at the following link if you're interested:

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Has anyone used the Kenmore 16 speed stand mixer with Stainless stell bowl KSM100? If so, do you like it? What are the pros and it real noisy? I'm trying to decide between the Kenmore 600 watt 5 quart or the kitchen aid 5 qrt 525 watt stand up mixers. The kitchen aid are so expensive and I found this Kenmore for 179.00 on sale!
Thoughts anybody?

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I have an old Model 4 Mixer that's forty years old or so. This mixer has a small fitting that the bowl screws into, and all the Kitchen Aid mixers that have the bowl fit in a socket are descended from this mixer.

I also have a K5A mixer, the bowl lift type. Interestingly enough, the Model 4 and K5A mixer heads are quite similar, being the same size and having a good many interchageable parts, including the speed control governor.

Here's a weakness of the Model 4 mixer, though: the original bowl was tin covered, and over the decades the tin has worn away, leaving worn spots on the base metal underneath that are unattractive.

I investigated having the bowl nickel plated this week. The good news is it can be done and would no doubt produce a beautiful bowl. The bad part is it would cost $350.00! Yeouch.

I'm tracking down the possibility that Kitchen Aid makes a stainless steel bowl that would replace the bowl on my Model 4. I saw one web location that says they have a bowl for a Model 4A, but I don't know if that means it has this fitting to screw the bowl into the mixer base. I E-mailed this outfit for more information.

It would be rather neat if Kitchen Aid recognized the weakness of that bowl, made decades ago, and still carries a replacement to remedy that weakness in design.

My Model 4 began moaning and groaning while operating on low speeds, no doubt from lack of lubrication. I took things apart in order to try and find out how to grease things up, and found a grease fitting covered by a screw in the back of the power take off head. After removing the screw, I found this gives access to the interior of the mixer head, although not to the gear directly. A grease gun adaptor threads into this port, and I greased it up, adding a lot of grease, since there was no obvious point at which to stop, and the moaning and groaning continued.

Eventually, I operated the mixer on high for a half hour or so, which warms up the machine and perhaps allowed the grease to be distributed, because the moaning stopped.

I adjusted the speed of the mixer by removing the back cover on the power unit which exposes the two screws which set the motor speed range. The governor has motor contacts which are arcing a good deal more than theones on my Model K5A, but are apparently still useable.

Since the Model 4 has a good deal of paint chips, I may sand down the chips and spray it with some spray paint. That and a new bowl would give me an attractive, fully functional and historic old mixer to use, although it wouldn't be "original" for a discriminating collector.

If you want to see my old Model 4, go to and search for Kitchen Aid Model 4 ---they are always up for sale, and always have that worn bowl, from what I've seen.

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Do you have a "Bed Bath and Beyond" near you? We get flyers in the mail for 20% off periodically and I used one to buy my Artisian Mixer. $250 item cost me just $200. Good deal!

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Costco and BJ's have Kitchenaide mixers for good prices.

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I decided to buy the 6 quart Kitchen Aid before Christmas and got the large one so if there ever was a need to have a larger bowl I would have it.I have really been enjoying using it, so glad I don't have to hold one by hand anymore although I have still used the hand mixer a couple of times. Just try to think it through before the purchase and get the one you think best for you.

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I've read through this thread with a great deal of interest as part of my research prior to purchasing my first real mixer. Originally I was quite taken by the big 6-qt Kitchenaid, but the research I've done has returned mixed results. In one forum, the commentary was about evenly divided for and against; the common complaint was a motor switch component that kept burning out. There were numerous comments to the effect that finding an "old" Kitchenaid manufactured by Hobart would help avoid that problem. What I'd like to know is, how old is "old"? Does anyone here know when KA switched from Hobart to Whirlpool as the manufacturing source? I saw some really nice mixers on Ebay today that claim to be Hobart model Kitchenaids, but ignorance is slowing me down... BTW, I also just priced a new Hobart N50 5-qt model -- $2250 for the basic mixer, bowl and three attachments. OUCH! So much for that plan...

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Here's one for $1739.

Hobart N50

Still a lot for a mixer. If you buy the KA Artisan for $250 you can replace it almost 7 times before you hit $1739.


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Hobart use to make a 10qt commercial mixer. The one I have is over 45 years old and I use it regularly for business. It's never broken down but I take it in every 3 years for servicing (replace grease, check wiring, etc). Parts and labor is expensive (avg $200-$300). Hobart can tell you the age of your mixer based on it's serial #. Expect this mixer will outlive most of us. Best investment I made for the business.

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I have an old KA mixer style 4-c. It works great but I'm dying to get a new Artisan model in red. I e-mailed KA and asked about attachements for my model and the reply (which came right away) was that it didn't come with a dough attachment because the motor couldn't handle it. I'd love to be able to do dough in mine, as well as have some of the chopping attachements. But the real reason is that I want it in RED!!!!! Oh well, maybe for Mother's day??

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Hi Folks,

I've been reading your posts about the KA mixer. My old Sunbeam broke and I made the plunge and bought the Artisan - 5 quart mixer. I live about 45 minutes from a QVC outlet store and was able to get a brand new Artisan for $168.00. I was thrilled. They only had 2, both white. I couldn't believe my luck. They also had a lot of the K5s which are also 325 watts but the box said heavy duty and they were $190. They had the K5s in all colors. So if any of you are from Pennsylvania check out QVC outlet in Frazier, PA. Also they have a store in Lancaster, PA and I think one in Delaware. We also bought from them last year the Kitchen Aid 11 cup food processor for $100.00. I absolutely love the food processor - it's the one with the mini chopping bowl inside the big bowl for little jobs. I use it almost daily. Hope this tip helps some of you out.

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I have a 300-watt that I got at Sam's some 15 years ago, and I have many of the attachments including the meat grinder, and I have never had any problems with performance. However, when I use it to grind meat, it will slow down considerably and strain a bit at times.

For that sole reason I have considered upgrading to the 525-watt unit. But this thread made me realize that I would be better off buying a stand alone meat grinder since the 300-watt mixer does everything else jes fine, thankyouverymuch.

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First, I have to confess that I work for KitchenAid! I've read with great interest all of the postings here, and wanted to respond to a few of the posters.

Yes, KitchenAid was bought out from Hobart back in 1986. BUT, I have to emphasize that we retained the manufacturing facility, MANY of the employees and engineers, the TOOLING and manufacturing line for the mixer, AND the original design. The basic mixer you can buy today is basically the same mixer for all those years.

Now, yes, we did have some problems with our "new" 6 qt. design up until a year ago, BUT, we have fixed all of those problems and now the 6 qt. design is as reliable as the 4.5 and 5 qt designs. It is still an all-metal cast construction (in fact, we even replaced the one plastic gear with a metal one). And, remember that KitchenAid offers a 1 year TOTAL REPLACMENT WARRANTY to prove we stand behind this product. That means if you have ANY problem, we will immediately mail you a NEW replacement mixer at no cost, not even waiting for you to return the original one.

If ANYONE has any questions, feel free to email me at

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This is too funny. A few months before this thread started, I made the plunge for a k5. After burning out my Sunbeam [had it for too many year and used it all the time], I researched for years before making the purchase.

During October,2001 I was home due to a back injury and found QVC had some sale going on after their Fifth Av Shoe event. Maybe it was the drugs but, I ordered it! Now I never regret the purchase!!! It is a wonderful mixer and as my sister and bil say, 'you can cream butter out of the fridge!' Now I think everyone in the family has one, lol.

I don't think you can go wrong with Kitchen Aid mixers. If you do a lot of baking/mixing get the 5 qt. If you don't do as much save on the price and get the 4qt. When I was trying to figure out what to do, I wished I had purchased either one. It was a shame I was without a mixer for years because I couldn't make up my mind. I think I'd have been happy with either one, and of course would have been baking up a storm having one!

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I loved my KA 4 qt. but just upgraded to the 6 qt/525 (one of the KA rebuilds off of EBay). These machines get HEAVY use in my kitchen and I have absolutely no complaints about either. This is quality kitchen equipment.

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I just bought a kitchen aid stand mixer from someone on the internet. I pick it up at the persone place, tried it, it worked fine. At home, I used it one time and then it stopped working. It doesn't even seam to power on. Any idea, can I open it and look inside!!! HELP I got "screwed" but now I need to fix it

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I have read all the posts and now I am really confused. I too, have been searching ebay trying to purchase for under $300 (including shipping) I have facilitated between the 5qt or 6qt professional, but the extra wattage is sure inviting. I have also wondered if it is too risky to purchase the "refurbished" models. Does this mean they were part of the bunch Kitchenaid could not get right? I do have the option of using a 20% coupon off of $369 at a store in Dallas, but then with our 8.25% sales I am back up to $320.
Any words of wisdom out there? Thank you.

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Wife's old "Oster Kitchen Center" finally gave out so I surprised her with a KA Artesian. She hates it. Too heavy, no small bowl, speeds are odd, clumsy to work around, her fudge turned out "goopy", ..., the litany goes on.... She is back to using her old GE hand mixer for almost everything. I saw a Sunbeam 350watt mixer with dough hooks in Costco. Has anyone had any experience with them? I remember my mom using an old Mixmaster stand mixer forever.

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Dear liketolearn, I am new on this site and just came across this thread. I notice you have a 10-qt Hobart. I just purchased one on ebay, a C100T. (Don't know how old it is because it hasn't arrived yet.) My question for you is, where do you get parts for this mixer? The one I bought only comes with a paddle, not a dough hook or whip, and I want to buy those. However, Hobart doesn't sell them anymore because they no longer make this model.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have owned my KA mixer for 18 years. Its the 325 watt that the bowl cranks up.
It's solid state and I've never had a problem with it at all. I'm still using all the original attachments.

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Deanna Goldberg

Well, my 19-yr-old KA finally went out in a blaze of smoke and flame as it struggled to knead its final batch of dough. I had known the end was near, so the final burn-out came as no surprise.

...So, is that it? Is it worth getting the motor replaced, or is my KA now just a very heavy paperweight or (more likely) a curb ornament?

Should I replace it with another KA, or is it time to look to another brand? Some folks over at the appliances forum are leaning towards Bosch or Magic Mill over KA nowadays....


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The bigger horsepower is BECAUSE of the bigger bowl. The smaller horsepower is BECAUSE of the smaller bowl. Each horsepower is matched tot he bowl capacity (bigger doughs or batters will need more power to knead)

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Re Kitchenaid vs. Bosch:

I had 2 of the Kitchenaid 4.5 qts 300 hp motor. Killed one of them by kneading whole wheat bread dough (not the first time, but over a period of several months). It was doing perfectly as long as I was just doing white bread dough and cakes and cookies, but the motor just could not handle whole grain bread dough. I haven't decided yet if I want the Bosch or not -- I want the powerful motor, but I still have my KA attachments, some of them hardly used, so I don't know.... but I'm really disappointed that my KA didn't even last but a couple of years. If I could find a Hobart, though....

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Wow...the threads last forever on this Forum!...not like the Kitchen or Appliance Forums...

Deanna: You don't say what model or how many attachments you have but, I have about the same vintage K-5 made by Hobart and it is such a workhorse, I would probably just get it fixed...or fix it myself. It is a known, while, as shown on this thread, any new one, including KitchenAid, is an unknown.

Good Luck....

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I was at Costco today and they have the Kitchenaid KG25H7x for $269.99. In addition there is a $20 rebate that is good throuth Aug. 31st. (The Costco web site automatically gives you the rebate).

It's got a 475 watt motor and the 5 qt. bowl. It's available in white, black or red. My question, since this thread has been going for over 2 years, have the prices dropped this much? or is this an outstanding deal? I am so tempted to go buy one of these mixers. Is this the best deal out there? I noticed none of the Kitchenaid mixers shown on their web site match this model number or watts.


Here is a link that might be useful: Costco - Kitchenaid 475 watt mixer for $249.99

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Well, I got the mixer from Costco. I did notice that the instructions said not to go above a certain speed (I think it was 2) for doughs. I think that's what happened with my old Kitchenaid, I burned it out trying to make dough.


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One thing to consider: I have KA's 325-watt poverty model and it serves all my needs well, but it feels like it weighs about 70 pounds. I think a KA 6-quart model might weigh like 90 or 100 pounds. Fine if it remains and is used on a reinforced counter, but I hate lugging my mixer up from the cabinet below, and can't imagine hefting a larger model on a regular basis. There is a reason the larger models don't have the tilt heads; you'd need massive upper body strength to tilt them back.

Well, maybe I exaggerate a little, but they are heavy. That's what you get with solid lead construction.

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Well Spewey,

You have brought up a good point. I was basing my storage plan (Kitchenaid in a lower pullout) based on the smaller mixer. Well, I just realize I won't be able to have an upper pullout in my cabinet if I do this with the new mixer! It's okay though, the black model looks so lovely on my counter, I have decided to tuck it back in the corner by the oven cabinet. At least I won't have to heft it up to the counter.


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Just wanted to make everyone aware there is a new model Kitchenaid mixer just out that is a 5 quart with 400 watts, and a new kind of motor. It's called the Accolade, and I saw it in Williams Sonoma recently. It looks just like the Artisan, but it has sort of a matte finish with a touch or sparkle to it. I don't think I like the finish as the colors look dull and drab, but I do like the extra power. I didn't check the cost. Kitchenaid told me that eventually it would replace the Artisan.

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For what its worth I bought an imperial grey professional 5 a few months ago at a Tuesday Morning store (model # kp50psgr). It is a 5 quart and has 350 watts, and not refurbished. I got it for $179.99 plus tax. (total price coming to just under $200.00) They were saying on the sticker that the retail price was originally $369.00 I think they were selling it because it was a discontinued model and the new model is going to have more watts. I love it! So if you want a bigger or better model it might be worth it to you to save a few bucks and wait and go for a model that will be discontinued when a newer model might be coming out. Sometimes you can get better deals if your patient and find them when you least expect it!

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i just got (my husband surprised me) the accolade from william sonoma. was actually considering the viking (my husband thought $500 for a kitchen toy was over the top)
i have never used a stand mixer and i do alot of home baking and cooking. i have always just hand kneaded dough and used my hand mixer when needed. now i am very confused. will 400 watts be enough. should i return and keep searching. no vikings in local stores to play with --i would have to purchase over internet and return by mail if unhappy with mixer. the other thing is kitchenaid attachments sold at bed bath and beyond and i can collect slowly using my 20% off coupons as they come in the mail. help!!

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We have a gray krinkle-finish 325 watt Proline with the
lift bowl. I routinely knead a 3-loaf batch (2 lbs per loaf
before baking) or pretty heavy Oatmeal Bread with this
mixer and have never had a problem.

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can anybody tell me anything about the pasta attachments. which is easier the extruder with the pasta plates or the roller type of attachment.


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have been using the accolade with pasta/ food grinder attachment. was a very slow tedious process. i wasn't thrilled. the machine got very warm but didn't stop. i followed the egg pasta recipe in the manual.

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I have the old K5SS, 325 Watt, 6 quart, lift bowl from sometime in the early to mid 1980's. It is mostly used to knead 100% whole grain bread dough in 3 loaf batches...9 cups flour maximum, and speed 2 with the dough hook. I make all the bread we eat, so this is nearly weekly. Other than that, it is used for large batches of cookies or mixing 3# batches of homemade turkey breakfast sausage. I don't bother with this machine for smaller jobs.

It has never given me any problems...I wouldn't trade it for anything that is being made today.

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If you are thinking about a KA Accolade, you might want to have the store plug it in so you can listen to it. My professional KA won't fit onto my new mixer lift, so I bought one. I returned it after the first use. It has a high pitched whine. I telephoned KA directly and was told that the noise is a problem with that model.
I'm giving my son my large model and getting back my 40 yr old, heavily used, never repaired, still working, purring mixer.

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Rollers vs extruders for pasta?

The rollers win hands down. Very easy to use. I found the extruder attachment difficult - the rollers were a snap.

Now - has anyone used the ravioli attachment?


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I'm trying to find a manual for my K5A. Does anyone have one or know where I can purchase one? Thanks!

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About 5 years ago I bought a 325 watt 5qt KitchenAid; it works great. I never could make it stall, although there was a recipe from Bernard Clayton's bread book called "Italian Batter Bread" which required the dough to be beaten at HIGH for 20 minutes. That did seem to stress it a bit.

Some months ago I lucked upon a Hobart N50. Got it at auction for under $300 (a nursing home had closed and they were auctioning off the kitchen stuff). Built like a dumptruck (that's a compliment). Very heavy duty, can handle anything you throw at it. But realistically, unless you are a professional doing beaucoup mixing of heavy doughs several times a day, I doubt that you need one of these. Sure I like it, but no way I would have bought it at full price.

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I just brought home a new KitchenAid Accolade mixer from Williams-Sonoma. I was sold on the increased power, gradualy power-up for each speed, and being 5 qt. vs. my old 4.5 qt. - minor difference, but helpful. HOWEVER, although the mixing bowl is larger, the paddle, whip and dough hook are exactly the same size as my 4.5 qt. They're also set down much lower in the bowl. So, the usable mixing space is still about 4.5 quarts. My old 4.5 qt. bowl is appropriately sized. The mixing attachments go to the top of the bowl, so it's all usable space. (BTW, I use two old 5 qt. KitchenAids at work being a pasty chef, and every bit of space is important. They have larger paddles/whips/hooks too.) Now I have to lug the machine back to WS to return. I'll look over my next mixer purchase a lot more closely next time.

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Well, I wish I could post accolades for my Kitchenaide like the rest but sadly, can not. We bought one in January of 2005 from Sam's - a 475 watt, 5 qt. capacity one - after much shopping around. My husband loves to bake, especially yeast doughs and he has wanted one for ages. Within the first month or so, it overheated and shut down. We should have taken it back then but it started working after cooling down and we thought maybe we just overloaded it (though we didn't think it should have). It worked just fine until about a month ago - after the 1 yr. warranty was out and then it just quit. We called today and got a "so sorry, can't help - do you want to know what we have on sale???". Well, I can tell you, we had sunbeams before that were much lighter weight and they lasted a long, long time. We finally splurge for the expensive one and are sorry we did. Now, I am searching the web looking for parts. A gear is broken (my husband is looking to see what he can do with it). I think an item that is this expensive should have a little more impressive longevity. Seems we got the lemon of the bunch! Now I wish we had the old one we gave up that was working just fine.

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my mom had the 4.5 qt. artisan for 20 or so years and it still works perfectly. we recently bought her a pink 5 qt. accolade which she loves, and my sister got the old one. seriously, there is nothing wrong with the old will probably last forever. i got the 6qt professional as a bridal shower gift, man is that sucker huge. I haven't done any breads yet, but I am hoping that it will last me forever too...

btw I love to bake. :)

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What are the pro's and con's of the tilt head versus the bowl lift models?

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Did you find out the pros and cons of tilt head vs bowl lift? I just recieved my KA mixer and I'm so not used to the bowl lift. I've realized that I do like having the tilt head and I'm not sure if that's because it was what I was used to or if there really is significant differences...

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I've used both the tilt head extensively and recently purchased a refurbed professional bowl lift ($99.99 after a gift cert & rebate from Amazon. WOO!).

So far, I like them both equally. Both have advantages, both have drawbacks.

The first test I put my refubed unit to was mixing and kneading a heavy bread dough. It passed that test with flying colors, not even straining.

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kframe, can you elaborate - what are some of the advantages of each and the drawbacks of each? Thanks.

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Nothing earthshattering, just little things...


Tilt head mixer gives you a bit better access to the bowl when adding ingredients. Even with the bowl down on my mixer it can be a bit of a pain to get ingredients in.

The tilt head also makes getting the bowl/attachments in and out a little easier.

On the con side for the tilt head, if you're not paying attention and that head comes down on your hand/wrist, much pain ensues. Ask me how I know. :-)

In favor of the bowl lift, the straight line design means that you don't have stuff dripping down on the edge of the bowl when you lift the head. Not really a big issue, but it can be a little annoying.

With the bowl lift you can also use a water bath bowl underneath filled with either hot or cold water, depending on the mixing chore. The cold water is nice when whipping cream or making ice cream base, the hot water when making a bechamel or hollandaise (sp?) sauce.

I also find the bowl lift bowl to be ever so slightly easier to get hooked to the machine.

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Tilt head mixer gives you a bit better access to the bowl when adding ingredients. Even with the bowl down on my mixer it can be a bit of a pain to get ingredients in.

kframe, I already have the tilt-head Artisan and this is the one thing I hate about the machine; I find that it is a pain to add ingredients, even when the head is up, and forget adding them while the machine is running. (In this respect, a hand-mixer was better, because you can just move the beaters out of the way!)

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I've not used it, but the pouring shield might be a good addition.

The one thing that I've found to be absolutely invaluable for adding items to the mixer, running or not, is a flexible cutting mat.

Got that trick from Alton Brown.

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Kframe, that sounds like a great trick - I'm going to try it! I did use the pouring shield over the weekend, and it works, but it's kind of unwieldy. I think the flexible mat will work better. Thanks!

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Getting a headache over power issues with stand mixers, can anyone help?!

I've never had a stand mixer so I have nothing to compare. Here's what I want the mixer to do:

--Knead heavy whole grain bread dough (almost) daily.

--Handle occasional double loads of whole grain bread dough.

--Handle occasional longer batter/dough whipping.

--Withstand heavy cookie dough operation with unsupervised bands of teens.

--Handle multiple tasks with attachments (food grinder, pasta roller, etc).

--Sit at the ready for frequent random tasks (whip cream or egg whites, that sort of thing).

We are a small household with frequent guests and exuberant wide-flung cooking interests. There are cooking worlds closed to us without a mixer but we will certainly give the new mixer a workout.

What would you suggest we buy? How many watts do we need? While we usually make smaller batches, we do have frequent guests (almost daily), we make all our own bread, & we primarily use whole grain flour (plus additions) for baked goods.

Is it overkill to go 575 watts, or will we be glad we did?

Is the Costco model at 450 watts or so really 3" taller than the 600 model? I planned a great spot for a mixer in my new kitchen, but I didn't plan on 20" since the others are no more than 16.5".

Thank you so much for any and all insight!

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Yoo hoo! Any new stand mixer comments?

There are new rebates from KA for both stand mixers & attachments so I'm ready to take the plunge!

Here is a link that might be useful: KA rebates of the moment

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I've had my Kitchen Aid K5SS mixer for 20.5 years and it still works as well as the day my dh gave it to me. The finish is still bright, the attachments are original and in excellent condition. It's one of those appliances that's definitely worth every penny you spend on it!

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athomein1914 you may want to go over to the cooking forum to ask about mixers. They have some good threads on stand mixers and would answer any questions about mixers for you.

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Wattage does not equal power output, wattage is how much electricity an appliance draws from the outlet, not the amount of power produced by the mixer.

A 500 watt appliance that is belt driven, may not produce as much actual torque as a 150 watt gear driven appliance.

If you are going to be doing a lot of heavy doughs, or doughs that need to be mixed for a longer time, you need a more powerful mixer measured in actual torque.

I suggest you buy a new or a used commercial 5 qt mixer -- a Hobart N-50. You will burn up a KA no matter how high a wattage you get. Of course a new Hobart N-50 will cost you $1,500, and a good used on on Ebay will cost you $300 to $500, but it will be money well spent, without the frustration of frequent break downs. Even a used one will last a home user a lifetime -- 4 or 5 times longer than a KA.

I own a 1947 Hobart N-50 mixer, and it handles everything I can throw at it with ease!

And the Hub port of a Hobart N-50 will accept all KA attachments new or vintage! The bowl is a 5qt narrow bowl can use your K5A extra bowls, colander and seive, copper bowl insert, etc. Only the beaters are not interchangeable, cause the KA beaters are smaller.

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You have a KA 4B mixer -- in my honest opinion you have the most powerful and durable tilt head mixer Kitchenaid ever produced.

You absolutely can't buy a stainless steel bowl -- they were never produced for this model, the K45 bowl will not work! You will need your bowl re-tinned.

However, the K-45 or the KA classic beaters are a perfect fit for a 4B if you need beaters.

From the Kitchenaid forum dated 02/14/2005 to 3/7/2005

"I phoned Oregon Re-Tinners and they quoted me $12 to strip and retin a 4 1/2 Quart bowl. I thought it would cost a lot more. I'll let you know how it turned out when I get it back."

"I just got my 4 1/2 quart bowl back from getting retinned.....ITS GORGEOUS!!! Cost $15.00 USD total. Only takes a couple of days.

Here is the company's address info:

Oregon Re-Tinners
2712 N. Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR
97227 USA

Phone: 503-287-7696

I am very pleased with the finished product!!"

I hope this helps.

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We have a K4.5 that we bought in 1978 and just used it to make a lot of Christmas goodies. We did have a problem with the bottom bowl plate. The bowl kept coming off but DH just bent down the metal sides that hold the bowl and it worked fine after that. I did a search and noticed there are lots of places that sell replacement parts like that plate and new bowls and mixing tools.

We did strip the gears in 1982 because we were using it to knead all WW bread. But we got it fixed and haven't had a problem since then. And we stopped using it on WW bread. I later got a bread machine for that. I plan on keeping it forever.

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>Yoo hoo! Any new stand mixer comments? My Pro 600 is about six weeks old. True, that's not much time in grade. But so far I love it. It's been used two or three times a week since I bought it.

I had originally decided on the Pro 5 Plus, just for cost reasons. Had to be one or the other, because we used to have an Oster Kitchen Center, and I learned to despise tilt-head mixers.

Bed Bath & Beyond had the Pro 600 for only $399, though. With an automatic $50 KA rebate, and a 20% off coupon (thanks, again, Jessy) it brought the price to $269---about 30 bucks less than I was prepared to pay for the Pro 5.

I have only one criticism. If you only make one loaf of bread at a time, a 6-quart bowl is overly large. And you have to scrape-down the sides more often than is suggested by KA's literature. I have not used the wire whip for anything, yet, so don't know how that will work.

Surprisingly, I like the collar & pour chute (comes standard with the 600). Looking at it I thought it was merely a gimmick, but it turns out to be quite useful; particularly when adding ingrediets while the machine is running.

BTW, to compare relative power output of KA mixers Kitchen Aide uses a "cups of flour" index. This refers to how many cups of flour in a dough the machine can handle. The Pro 600, for instance, is rated at 12 cups. If I recall correctly, the Artisan rates 7 (but don't quote me on that). The Classic is rated at 5. This info, along with comparative charts, can all be found at their website.

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Never count on your memory when there are ways to check.

I went to the KA website, and here are the comparative strengths of various stand mixer models, in their "flour power" index:

Pro 600: 14 cups
Pro 5: 12 cups
Artisan (the most commonly purchased model, btw): 9 cups.
Classic: 8 cups

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Just got a new KA Custom (325w, 4.3 L bowl). Should creaming 1/2 cup of chilled butter (not rock hard) and 2 cups of sugar cause the motor to power down?!! As soon as I started adding the liquid it got back to normal BUT it was a considerable drop. This was the second time using it...the first time, making pancake batter, left quite a bit of unmixed flour in the bottom (I checked the clearance and it looks as close as it can be to the bottom).

So so far not a great experience :(

Any thoughts?

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Okay, I took the plunge: Kitchen Aid Pro 600. Love it. Also added the pasta roller set (3 roller). Love the rollers too. Bread and pasta are now insanely easy!

I decided on the 600 after talking with Kitchen Aid customer service and learning that the "14 cup" capacity translates to 8, maybe 9, cups if I'm using whole grains. Since we use mainly whole grains here & I knew I was interested in adding attachments I decided this would be the safest bet.

I appreciate there are monster mixers out there but I have more modest expectations in my kitchen. So far the Pro 600 is more than meeting my expectations. I have a hunch this will be my only mixer -- good thing I held out for the color I really wanted!

gardenlad, I use the chute thing as well. The only quibble I have with the mixer is that I have to be careful adding ingredients so they don't spill everywhere, guess I'll get used to that.

Thumbs up.

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I have a twenty year-old K5SS that works just like it did when new. It is always on the baking counter of my kitchen. My only quarrel with it is that the paint (almond, I think they called it) looks a little rusty below where the bowl is. I'm trying to get DH to touch it up. I can't justify getting another just because it doesn't look as good as it did 20 years ago (neither do I). I was in Wms-Sonoma last week. They had a new KA model that--I think I saw this right--was $899.00. Was I hallucinating?

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If so, it was WS ripping people off. If you go to the KitchenAid website, the highest list price shown is $545 for the Commercial 5 model.

On the other hand, the Pro 600 is being shown everywhere for $399. Maybe that's what you saw, and misread it?

All in all, still a bunch of bucks which I, for one, wouldn't spend merely for cosmetic reasons. Stick with your K5SS until it ceases to do the job.

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Just checked W-S online because this was bugging me. It's a Pro-620 and, as far as I can tell, the only difference between it and the 600 is an 11-tine whisk attachment that would cost $30 to buy by itself and two metallic exterior finish choices that the other models don't come in (brushed nickel and a new version of copper). I just don't get this!

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Curiouser and curiouser.

I'm wondering if this isn't a W-S exclusive, because the 620 is not listed in the KA catalog.

From the write-up I gather you can do 20% more dough at one time than in the 600---whatever that actually means. And the housings are actually made of the two metals, rather than just finished in those colors. But otherwise samee-samee.

Are those differences worth $500 to anyone? W-S must think so. But considering I could get a second 600 and still have a hundred bucks left over, there's no way I'd even consider it.

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If you're a subscriber to Cook's Illustrated you can check out their reviews. If I remember right, they say the KA 600 is best, NOT the Artisan and definitely not the KA 250. A close second to the KA 600 is the DeLonghi DSM5.

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I'm not sure what "best" means in these circumstances. I got the Pro 600 because it met my needs at a price I was willing to pay.

However, that's how we'd define "value," rather than "best." You have to balance out desired features, ability of the product to do what it's supposed to do, longevity of the product, and purchase price.

So, I don't know about best or not. But I do know that they sell more Artisan's than any other model. It's the one most retailers offer, and combines the features most people seem to want at a price they're willing to pay.

In my case, I have an antipathy towards tilt-head mixers. So the Artisan wouldn't meet my needs. If I didn't feel that way, however, the Artisan would probably have been my first choice.

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Looks like a big part of the price difference between the the 600 and the 620 at WS is the "custom metallic finish." On the KA website the price for the 325 watt smaller load mixer is $529.99 in similar finishes.

KA seems to make special mixers for WS -- just as they do for big box stores. I bought my 600 there just to get "Empire Red" which didn't seem to be available in the Pro 600 series anywhere else, include KA online. It was 399.99 before rebates.

There probably are folks interested in paying more for the look -- true for clothes, cars, kitchen renovations, whatever -- though we all have our limits. The 620 makes my purchase look "thrifty" in comparision! (And to think I considered my own purchase a major investment!!!)

As gardenlad says, you have to balance your own needs/wants with your own pocketbook. (At least that's how I read this!) I also prefer the bowl lift. The 600 does everything I want without complaining, fits its planned countertop corner and slides out for action, and has a color that makes me smile. Of course, none of that mattered a few years ago when my purse was leaner!

Sounds like Hobart is great if you want a beast of a mixer, KA provides great color. Interesting that KA outranked Delonghi in Cooks Illustrated.

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An aside--I've been finding that I don't always agree with Cooks Illustrated review results. They don't test a wide enough spectrum and their opinions don't always coincide with my own experience of their most highly recommended items. Also, you cannot get all of their current reviews online even if you are a subscriber to their magazine. They emailed me their reasons for this and I was unimpressed. I will not be renewing my subscription after this year.

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You are indeed a kitchen detective! I have similar complaints about Consumer Reports reviews.

Gardenlad, I'm checking in to report that I tried the whisk yesterday on both egg whites and heavy cream & was most happy with performance. Of course I don't make such recipes often but the KA made the recipe a snap.

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We've used the whip, too, since my last comments on it. Friend Wife made some coconut macaroons, and they came out great.

Again, though, I think that one recipe doesn't take full advantge of the machine's abilities. I notice when I double up on bread dough the mixer is much more efficient.

Same with the whisk. The more of it that's submerged the better job it willdo.

This shouldn't be taken as a criticism, it's not. Just an observation.

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Good point, small amounts really don't make best use of the set up. Yet with whole grain flours I'm told the smaller mixers won't have the power. Hmmmm.

Wish the mixer accepted both small and large bowls (like the one I grew up with!). If I do much baking I may want to pick up a 2nd bowl but I hesitate to purchase a second giant bowl.

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A friend of mine received the Artisan for Christmas, along with the pasta attachment. She killed the artisan making pasta for lasagna a few weeks ago. The motor burned out. KitchenAid has a quick replacement policy, but it's still annoying.

I have a 17-year-old K5SS. It died on me 2 years ago when I was kneading bread dough. I had it fixed, but I don't like to use it for kneading bread--as I'm adding flour, it tends to spin the dough around the hook. I have to keep stopping to rearrange the dough every minute or so. It's much easier, and less frustrating, to knead by hand.

I'm thinking of replacing it, but really would love to find some place that I could try out different models before plunking down the money. I certainly got my money's worth with it, but I'm not certain that I'm going KitchenAid this time around.

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sharon - I have a Viking 5-qt. stand mixer which replaced an old KA (K45SS?). I, too, had the same problem with mixing dough. The motor strained so much during kneading that the solid motor grease packing (for lack of a better word) turned to liquid and started leaking out the head into the bowl during use. After having it serviced twice, to the tune of $35.00-$45.00, over the course of a few years I finally said "enough". It also had difficulties processing/mixing/kneading anything heavier than cake batter. I've had my Viking for a little over a year and use it a few times a week for bread and it's a champ. I also know the DeLonghi got very good reviews, as well as the Electrolux and Bosch. I purchased the Viking from Baker's Catalog. They have a one-year guarantee, and if for any reason you're not satisfied with it, you can return it. I kept mine ;o)

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Thanks so much for the review of your Viking. I'm going to take a serious look at it. I would love to be able to test drive these machines someplace!

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gardenlad et al, I perused the KA forum and noticed chit-chat about a new small bowl to fit the Pro 600. Apparently it exists in a warehouse somewhere but is yet to hit the market. A small bowl would be infinitely more useful in my kitchen than a 2nd large bowl. And as you point out, it would make better use of the whisk etc working with small amounts.

I'd love to hear reviews of different mixers -- I have a friend looking ahead to her own new purchase & she bakes quite a bit. Maybe there should be a separate "mixer review" thread to interest more cooks with other brands. DeLonghi/Bosch/Viking/Hobartetc owners might not check out the KA thread.

For anyone considering a KA purchase I must say I'm having a great experience with my 600. I use it daily & mainly use whole grain flour. I make all of our bread & pasta so it sees some heavy doughs. However, we don't "knead" large quantities so I'm usually throwing about a pound of flour in to start a typical batch in this house. One reason I went with KA was that I liked the idea of using many attachments with one machine. I called KA customer service & was told if that was my plan I should stick with the 600. In addition, the 600 is meant to handle around 8 cups of whole grain, rather than the 14 cups it's "rated."

I never feel that my KA is under any strain whatsoever. Of course, she's only months old so time may tell a different story. I'm quite careful as this was a hefty purchase for me & as others point out, even if KA has a great return policy, I don't want the hassle. My teen daughter & pals use the mixer when I'm gone and still no trouble.

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Boy was I fooled! I thought KA was the standard, but quality, dependability, power and customer service are nowhere to be found. KA is coasting on old glory and is not all the box says it is. I got the 6 quart stand mixer which on the box is rated for 14 cups of flour but I never even used half that and after two light duty uses in less than three months it sounded like there was broken metal crashing around in the head. I took it back to the store and got it replaced and was told the new unit came with a new warranty. After a few more months and less than a dozen uses- none of which were more than medium duty the motor again sounded like something was seriously wrong. This time I took it to the service technician at the "authorized service depot" and now it has been over six months and I still don't have a mixer! The technician was waiting for parts, then he said it was no good- that he had six or seven mixers- all the same KA make and model with the same problem and he was waiting for Kitchenaid to send replacements because there was a design flaw or manufacturing defect and as soon as he replaced the parts they would break. After this back and forth for over six months I started calling KA. They kept promising to get back to me, but I always had to call them. In the end they wouldn't do anything for me. The mixer costs over $800.00 after taxes in Canada and that's too much money for something that won't do what it says and can't be fixed when it's broken! On top of that they even said that the warranty did not reset with the replacement but went back to the first unit! Shame on you KA! Buyer beware!

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I've heard that this brand is much better than others. So I abandoned my almost 3-year-old Pansonic breadmaker and just bought a Kitchenaid stand mixer (KSM150PSWW) on sale.
At first they placed a larger dough hook in my package and the coating wore off. I called them they replaced it with a right one (smaller).
BTW, they were not as nice as you expect on the phone. When I am complaining about their carelessness the manager said:¡±Do you want to keep it or not¡±. It really sounded he was threatening me. Since I bought it on sale I really want to give it a shot. So I kept it even though I am a littler bit worried about the quality of their product.
Until now I've used the mixer three times to make some yeast dough. I start to see a small spot on the dough hook where the coating seems gone. I kept asking myself ¡°Do I call them again or just return it? ¡±
So I went online and found this webpage. After I read all those comments I¡¯ve made my decision: I don¡¯t want it. Go to hell!
I cannot agree more with ¡°sour_cherries¡±. It seems like their quality is not as good as it used to be. What they make today is completely different from what they made 10 or 20 years ago. This sucks. I remember My grandma and mom used to say:¡± I ¡®ve used this or that almost for my whole life and it is still perfect¡±.

    Bookmark   August 18, 2007 at 6:34PM
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My husband bought a Cuisinart stand mixer for me for my birthday in June. My Sunbeam stand mixer bit the dust after approx. 10 yrs. of use for just cake mixes, frosting, meringue, potatoes. I wanted something more substantial to mix up cookie dough and quick breads. After researching thoroughly between the KA artisian and pro 600 or the Cuisinart, I decided on Cusinart and have no regrets whatsoever. It could not handle my huge base batter for choc. chip cookies but it has 9 c. flour plus 4 c. sugar and shortening, so not a big deal. Husband did adjust the beater height so it reached all the way into the bottom of the bowl, works fine now. It is fabulous and even has a fold button and a timer. Mine was purchased at LNT w/ their 20% coupons, saved $70. I would highly recommend this stand mixer!

    Bookmark   August 23, 2007 at 1:49PM
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I've been researching mixers for a while. I decided to come to this forum, and, lo and behold, a thread dedicated to KA mixers! After reading through the thread, I decided to purchase a KA 5 QT from my local big box store. I will test it next weekend.

    Bookmark   September 1, 2007 at 7:57PM
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One difficulty is that most of the more powerful rebadged Kenwood designs like Viking, Cuisinart, Delonghi, Hamilton Beach, Kenmore, etc as well as the larger Kitchen Aid units can't deal very well with smaller batches.

If real power is the need in a smaller machine the choice narrows to bosch, electrolux, hobart, varimixer w5a, and a few others.

The Varimixer "Teddy" runs around $1100us, gray only, arm lift only, and has a loud knock as it beats dough into submission. Power in a small package with a stainless steel dough hook that won't take no for an answer!

    Bookmark   September 7, 2007 at 6:37PM
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I am debating in getting a KA or a Cusiniart Mixer with my Airmiles.. Has anyone used one and then changed to the other? currently I have a Sunbeam which does not stand up to olibollen.. I've already had to repair the plastic gears.. they sure don't make things like they use to!

    Bookmark   October 10, 2007 at 10:17AM
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I can't decide on the tilt up or the rotate up and down.
The tilt up has a narrower fit, harder to get in there and stir, fiddle and scrape
The rotate up and down is much more roomy
when you want to get in there and scrape etc. the tilt head is rotated up out of the way and the rotate up and down leaves the mixer in - which could be and advantage I suppose if there's something you can't stop mixing while you scrape....hmmmm maybe I'll never be able to make the decision and just keep doing without:)

    Bookmark   October 10, 2007 at 4:49PM
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I just realized that I live near Kitchenaide central in Greenville OH. Their websites say they give tours?
If I go anyone want me to look at anything?

    Bookmark   October 10, 2007 at 8:29PM
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last christmas me and some friends went to the black friday sale after thanksgiving and a kitchenaid mixer is one of the items we picked up. we got it at a really reduced price of less than half price. look for them sales.

    Bookmark   February 9, 2008 at 12:27PM
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Hope my respond is not too late. Like CarolJ, I too had purchased a Cuisinart 7qt. mixer last October. I love it and with some minor adjustment, it does quite well with small batch mixing.

I believe, DeLonghi made this model for Cuisinart. It resembles their model but for a lesser price. It comes in 3 colors, white, silver and black.

I too purchased it at LnT with a 25% discount which came out about $337.50. Yes, 25%, it was a Family & Friends discounted week with 25% on total purchase. If you're not in a hurry to get one, it's worth waiting for this discount. I believe, it comes out twice a year.

Btw, there's also a Cuisinart 5.5qt. mixer too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cuisinart 7qt. Mixer

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I found the KA 600 Pro at Dillard's on clearance for $199 in the copper pearl color. There is also a $30 rebate and an extra $24 rebate if you reject the 2 magazine subscriptions in the rebate for a total of $54 in rebates. So, it cost me $145 for the KA Pro 600. I would suggest you check and see if your Dillard's has any left as they have an extra percentage off clearance this weekend if they have any left. I bought the last one at our store before the extra percentage off clearance sale, but I am not complaining. I love the copper pearl color as I use copper accents in my kitchen. I don't leave it out on the counter though, but I still like the color.

Hope this helps someone.

    Bookmark   March 1, 2008 at 9:26AM
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I have a Kitchenaid Stand mixer 4-C which still works wonderfully. However, when I got it there were no whips, beaters or anything like that with it(yard sale, 3.50 I think)
All the accessories for the front port (pasta maker, grinder) are interchangeable with the new machines but I can't find the whips or beaters to fit it. Does anyone know if any of the other model accessories work or where I might find those items? I tried Ebay. they had 1 and it cost more than I paid for the mixer.


    Bookmark   March 19, 2008 at 7:45PM
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I have a Kitchenaid Stand mixer 4-C which after 30 yr it still works great but I am having trouble finding a dough hook will any of the new ones fit?




    Bookmark   December 4, 2008 at 8:06PM
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Dale...the new attachments fit the old kitchenaid as well as the hobarts. I have the old Hobart N-50 that my mom bought MANNNNNY years ago, used. What a machine!!! The new 6 qt pro model I got for my daughter burned out kneading dough...piece of JUNK!

MY advice to anyone looking for a new mixer...get an old one on ebay or craigs list. I also hear good things about the Bosch mixers.

    Bookmark   December 13, 2008 at 4:32PM
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Wow all these stories!

I work in Oregon as a garbageman and one rainy night (work graveyard commercial recycle) I was behind a strip mall dumping containers as usual. I noticed a KitchenAid Classic sitting in a puddle of water outside of the back of a restaurant next to a dumpster. WOW, I thought! That's a KitchenAid mixer and I have always wanted one!

Obviously this restaurant discarded it out there so I grabbed it and put in my truck. When I got home I let it dry out for a couple of days and finally plugged it in. Well it took right off and hummed like it was happy to be home! That lasted about a minute till I turned it off, then it wouldn't restart. I pulled out the brushes and saw they were half worn down and thinking that was the problem I ordered new ones for $8. When I installed them, turned it on, it sat there quietly doing nothing! I fiddled with the brushes, installing them and taking them out over and over....still nothing. So now I figured, well I got it for free I might as well tear into it and see if anything was noticeable that would keep it from working. There was.

Inside the gear compartment the company put a baseball size wad of gear grease to keep the gears lubricated. Unfortunately on the model I had dissected on my kitchen counter, not enough grease made it to the shaft that protrudes out of the front of the machine and the attachments hook to. You could see it was dry and even a little discolored from minor heat build up from the friction. So I took a little of the ball of grease, put it thoroughly around the shaft and in the bushing it goes into. While I had it apart I scrubbed and polished every part before reassembly. When I got it all together and plugged it in, it ran like a new machine! I was so happy! Now I need to get a bowl and attachments (Ebay) to use this baby.

Let me tell you these machines are made to last. The insides are constructed with heavy metal gearing (there is a nylon gear or two) and the motor is well built. KitchenAid is built on the principle of "Old School" American quality! No foreign country could build it any better. If you own on of these machines you own quality dependability! If you have a problem get it fixed, it may be a minor thing that will prolong the life of your machine 10 fold.

OK I'm off my soap box, Happy Mixing!

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We have a Pro 5 that tipped over during our move. A large puddle of clear looking oil leaked out. When my wife ran the mixer it started to stink.
How do I replace the oil/grease and what type do I use?

    Bookmark   March 17, 2009 at 1:35PM
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Mike, I suspect that you have a broken seal, and no matter how much oil you replace, you have a broken machine.

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I bought a Kitchenaid Ultra Power but received the Kitchenaid Classic Plus, anyone know what the difference is. The mxer came with aluminum and not coated attachments. Do the aluminum attachments work just as well?

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WOW!!!! I was the original poster back in--------May 2002??!!!! Can't believe this is still going!

For the "rest of the story"-----I never did purchase a KA stand mixer after giving it much thought, but ended up buying a very nice GE hand mixer which I have been happy with and for me, seems to be all I need. I use a bread maker just to knead my bread and then I shape the kneaded dough, let rise, and bake in the oven.

Glad my original question has been useful for comment for so many others in the last 10 1/2 years. I really appreciate all of these forums on GardenWeb and have learned so much over the years from all of you.

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I have a KitchenAid 4.5 qt that I bought in 2003 at a department store.. Love it. But on two different whisk blades a couple of the tines have popped out. Anyone else experience this?

Also, I had someone in the profession tell me once that the machines sold at Walmart are an inferior quality. This person said that the WM KA's are made to be sold cheaply.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2015 at 8:10AM
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