Can you help my friends clean their pan?

sunnycoMay 16, 2006

A couple I know did a nice thing by letting a family stay with them for a couple of months while the family looked for an apartment. They are wishing they had not done it. One of the things that happened was that the visitors used my friends good pans. The pans are All-Clad with brushed aluminum on them.(Masterchef line) The visitors apparently got oil on the outside of the pan, at high heat, and cooked it on there so there is a brown, tacky residue and my freind, who saved up for the pans and takes good care of them is at wits end trying to get it off. I suggested Citrasolv, but for some reason that will not work on the aluminum. It only worked on the steel parts.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any sure-fire cleaning burnt oil off of aluminum tricks?

Thanks, Sunny

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If oven cleaner is safe for aluminum it should clean off the oil.


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I just used Dawn Power Dissolver on one of my aluminum Magnalite pans. Had to apply it twice and do a little scrubbing too, but it got the job done.


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I love Dawn Power Dissolver but I cannot find it locally anymore. Does anyone know what happened?


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Try Walmart.


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The best thing i've found for getting burnt off oil off the inside of pots is to put enough water in to cover the stain then add a few tablesps of dishwasher detergent then let it simmer a few minutes. The stain almost always lifts away by itself, but occasionally i'll have to scrub it a bit as well.

For the outside of the pot, maybe they could set it in a larger pan and fill that with water and detergent and boil.

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