Wusthof knives... Classic or Grand Prix

MercymygftMay 18, 2005

I want to get new knives to go with my new kitchen! What's the differene between the Classic and the Grand Prix? Which do you prefer?

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The main difference, as far as I know, is the grips. I did find that the curvature on the cutting edge of the 8" chef's knife was a little more pronounced on the Classic, which made it a little easier to 'rock' on a cutting board while mincing. This might be something to check as you decide.


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I have the Grand Prix and like them for a few reasons. I like the way they fit in my hands. Since my hands are large, they just feel more comfortable. I also like the phenolic handles better than the handles with the grommets. The phenolic handles have a slight texture to them, so I know I'll get a good grip. I have the "older" Grand Prix, not the Grand Prix II, so I'm not sure if there's a diffeence. I've had my "collection" (all purchased separately) for over 10 years.

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If I were you, I would buy Messermeister knives. The quality is better and they are also a little less expensive than a Wusthof. All of their forged knives have what they call an "elite" edge which, believe me, is the sharpest edge in the market. Their knives have a bosterless edge so it is easy to sharpen. (You won't have to stop short at the end of the blade.) Also, the edges on the top of the knife are polished so that there are not rough edges. Definitely, look into it.

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Check out Global knives... far superior imho

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My hands are smaller and so I find the Classic feels better in my hands.

Be sure to "test drive" these in person so you will be getting what feels the most comfortable to you.

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The answer is very simple. You seem to like Wusthof, so try them both and get the one that feels right for you! Forget about what other people say!

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i have grand prix. i LOVE the look of the Classic but for some reason when i was at the store i liked the feel of the Grand Prix in my hand better.

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How the knives feel in your hand is the most important thing. I am a chef, adn spend hours daily with knives. I have Wusthof, Henckels, Forschner, Dick, Sabatier, and others. not much difference, but Wusthof is the most costly of the bunch.

Seriously consider Frederich Dick knives. They do not advertise to retail users, but are big in culinary schools and restaurants. They are as well built as Wusthof and Henckels, but at a lower cost, because of the lack of advertising.

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It hink you ought to HANDLE the knives you buy.

My mom would swear by the knives she has (a diff. version of Henckles than mine), but Idon't like them, bcs the handles are too long, and the balance is off.

I love *my* Henckles, but they aren't her favorite. Mine have very little bulge in the middle, which improves the grip for me, w/ my slightly smaller hands. She needs the bigger bump to wrap her longer fingers around.

(I bought her the knives she has, and I deliberately bought her the ones w/ bigger handles, cs her hand is larger than mine, and she's taller).

She bought me a hammer once, after swinging several of them to find one w/ the best balance, but it's top-heavy for me, and I find it hard to control. I'm shorter, so I have a shorter forearm, less height, and a smaller hand.

Try them, and get the ones you think are better balances for YOUR hand, and whose handles are easiest for you to grip.

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I can't recommend what other's have said: Try them out.

I personally tried both, and found the Classic felt better and more controlled in my and my wife's hands. I think the Classic may especially benefit smaller hands.

We also have a real Japanese Santouku knife - we like it very much. It's very thin, razor sharp; it also has a classic style handle that again, seems very comfortable in our hands.

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Sorry - meant to say: "I can't recommend MORE what other's have said: Try them out."

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The difference between the classic & grand prix is simply the handle. The forged blades are made exactly the same. I have used the grand prix for years. I currently have the original grand prix, but have added grand prix II to my collection. I like the timeless look of the classic knives, but nothing beats the handle on the grand prix. It is ergonomically shaped and is made from a slip resistant material. I recently purchased from metrokitchen.com. Free shipping, free gifts and I received the knife within two days!

Here is a link that might be useful: metrokitchen.com

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Yeah, as others have said, I think that the best thing that anyone can do is hold a variety of knives, both brand and shape, to find the one that really suits you. Remember, if the knife doesn't feel comfortable in your hand, chances are you won't feel comfortable in the kitchen. With that said though, my preference has to be for the old Wusthof Grand Prix. When I was in college, I worked in a couple of scratch kitchens where we actually used our knives for more than cutting open bags of pre-made food. This was about the time that Wusthof has phasing out the original GP line and bringing in the GPII. On one of my many window shopping trips to the local kitchen shop, I came across some of the original GP knives that they were getting rid. While, I really wanted those shiny triple-riveted classic ones, but being a poor college kid, I went for the clearance Grand Prix. They were my first real knives, and boy did I treasure them.

For graduation, my sister bought me a Classic Santoku. I like the blade, it has a good edge and is a quick knife, but the handle just doesn't feel the same. And, there's something about the new GPII, that just doesn't feel the same either. It looks like the same handle material, but the new curved shape just doesn't have the same presence in my hand, if that makes any sense. It just doesn't give the same "feedback" that my original GP's do.

There are still a couple of places that must be sitting on some old Grand Prix stock, because I just bought an 8 inch GP chef's for fifty bucks online, which is a pretty good deal if you've ever priced Wusthof. I can hardly wait to get that one and am thinking about picking some up for christmas gifts. Anyway, like I said, the reason that there are SOOOO MANY knife company's and styles out there, is because one size doesn't fit all. I just thought I share my two cents on the one that fits me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's where I just bought my newest addition

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