Help! Pots/Pans Handles Question

andrelaplume2May 14, 2007

This may be a DUMB question But I have to ask. We had a set of pots/pans for years and decided it was time for a new set. We are not gourmets or anything like that and we do not need anything fancy. I think we had steel non-stick. My wife wanted someting lighter and chose aluminum. She picked a Farberware KitchenEase set from Sears. The handles are all metal unlike the plastic ones on our old set.. In fact, I noticed most sets had metal handles, some had a little rubber grip here and there. I would think metal is a conductor and that a metal handle would get too hot to handle. Do these metal handles go hot? Should I return them for the pther farberware set with the plastic handles? The only reason we did not get that set is that it said you shouldn't put them in an over over 350 degreees---I guess the plastic would melt. We likely would never do that anyway but just in case we would, we chose the metal handle set. I just worry that boiling water, cooking pasta, heating soup etc...those handles will get hot where as the plastic did not.

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Have you tried them to see if they get hot. All my current cookware has metal handles, and there seems to be something between the pot and the handle that keeps the handles from getting hot. At least I haven't had any problems.

According to Farberware, their handles are "silicone enhanced" (whatever that means) so they don't get hot. If you try them and don't like them, take them back.


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I have All-Clad--before that had the 'old' farberware with the black handles.

Give the new set a shot. I don't find the handles usually get too hot to handle most of the time--and you can always use a potholder. But being able to put your pots and pans in the oven is a fantastic advantage. So nice to be able to start something on top of the range, then just pop it into the oven to finish (and no to have to dirty 2 pans to do it). I bet within 3 months, if you keep the pans, you'll wonder how you got along without them before.

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Most handles are stainless steel, and stainless is a poor conductor, thus they stay cooler than you might expect.

However, be aware that if you use gas, the handles can get real hot from flames/excess heat escaping around the side of the pot.

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