Subzero wolf/ Thermador/Asko/Miele

schwester5November 14, 2012

Help! I know there has been a lot of discussion on this but I wondered if there was more recent feedback. Am doing a new build and have been advised by 3 suppliers that Wolf appliances are the best for service and quality. 2 of the suppliers have really promoted Thermador as the next best. The 3rd supplier only sold Miele and Wolf. All 3 advised against Viking.

Love Wolf, hyperventilating a little on the price, but hope that will be in this house for a long time so do want quality. Am I crazy to spend so much on appliances?!!!

Would tend to get all of one brand to take advantage of the promotions. Was set to go for Thermador, because more reasonable, but have been really put off by the negative reviews have seen regarding quality and customer service. If could find a quality but less costly 3rd supplier with good products and customer service, would definitely consider that, but have struggled to find that 3rd option.

If go for Wolf, was thinking of the 48 inch range top with griddle, 48 inch 1200 CFM pro chimney hood, BI-36 all freezer and all fridge, the 30 inch L double oven and the normal wall microwave. Was also going to get the 427 G subzero wine cooler and the Asko D5634XXLHS dishwasher.

If go for Thermador, would choose the all freezer and fridge 30 inch columns, the 48 inch range top with griddle, the double oven, microwave and would then get the emerald dishwasher and 48 inch chimney vent and 1000 CFM blower for free.

Has anyone had experience with the Wolf BI-36 freezer and fridge?

Any one with recent positive experience with Thermador appliances and customer service?

Is there a good third option that I have not considered?

Also looked at Jenn Air but have seen recent reviews that they have gone downhill.

Has anyone had experience with the Asko D5634XXLHS dishwasher?

Is the Miele Futura Dimension dishwasher better?

Also wondered whether to go for a more decorative but still contemporary style range hood. Does any one recommend one that is equivalent to Wolf in quality and still has enough CFMs? Ventahood any good?

Sorry for the millions of questions. Think my head's going to explode!

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I did the full Thermador promo around 6 months ago as part of a new build. So far, it's all good, quality, performance and service. I have posted some about these products and you can search if interested. Good luck.

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Just curious...did you look at Blue Star range tops? If not, try to find a dealer and get a demo.

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Thanks for responding! That really helps.

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I'm going through much of your analysis angst, doing a complete kitchen remodel...after only 20 years. Leaning heavily towards Wolf 36" based on reviews here, elsewhere and word of mouth from several serious foodies that I hang out and cook with. I want dual fuel which eliminates some of the other top brands.

One thing to consider is that Wolf/SubZero now has a promo going (till March '13 I think) Buy a SZ fridge and add a Wolf range/wall oven/cooktop gets $1000. More if you add more. Worth looking into. Might help to put a small dent in the sticker shock.

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Thanks for the info, hope everything goes well with your kitchen!

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We recently installed a Sub Zero BI 36 R. It replaced my 26 year old 501 R. The matching 501F is still working (knock on wood) perfectly. Actually the refrigerator could have been repaired but when you're dealing with something that old we decided to replace it instead.

We chose Sub Zero based on the longevity of our units and the excellent customer service we've had from them. I'm amazed at how quiet my new refrigerator is and of course it cools perfectly too.

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We had a built in Sub Zero in our Beverly Hills home from 2000-2007. One small repair, and after 5 years, Sub Zero paid for almost the entire purchase....and we did not have any extended warranty!

We've had a newer model in our current home since late 2007! Just recently, the freezer started to keep things too warm (ice cream and popsicles were soft!). I called Sub Zero, they gave me the number to our local authorized Sub Zero repair shop...they came out 2 days later, and even had the parts in their truck. I am VERY, VERY happy with Sub Zero performance, longevity and their Service, attitude and level of care is top notch!!!

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Pallet & Palette

I'm in the middle of an addition that replaces a small kitchen with a larger one, and getting all new appliances. It's true that the sticker shock on Wolf and Sub-Zero is tremendous, but having owned them before pretty much forces me to buy them again. I can't imagine being happy with anything else after enjoying cooking on a Wolf and using a Sub-Zero. I try. I haunt the appliance forum hoping to fall in love with something reasonably priced, but I can't. I say go for the best and enjoy yourself! I've cut back on other things in order to be able to afford this. Good luck!

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Thanks so much everyone for replying. Hearing all your excellent feedback on Wolf/subzero customer service makes me feel much better about investing in their appliances.

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Hi Schwester5,

Thought I'd throw in my 2 cents about Miele dishwashers. I have the Diamond, not the Futura, but apparently they're really similar except for a few bells, whistles and extra cycles, and the Diamind comes with a 5-year warranty (here's a helpful link on the difference between Miele DWs):

Anyway, I'm thrilled with the Miele dishwasher. Even though I did have a frustrating problem with a bent prong on a connector, but Miele sent a Master Miele tech 8-hours round trip and he fixed it.

It cleans like a dream. My lipstick is kind of a sticky pink gloss that sticks like crazy to the rim of mugs and glasses. My previous DW (Kenmore Elite) didn't even touch those lipgloss marks. With the Miele, everything comes out perfectly clean.

I adore the cutlery tray, and although the Miele appears smaller than some, you really can pile up dishes like crazy--I load bowls on top of each other in a big stack--and they all come out perfectly clean.

I love all of the wash cycle options, although I like to use the longer Pots and Pans cycle. It looks great, it's quiet, and the overall operation is great.

FWIW, I'm also the very happy owner of a 36" Wolf (DF Range) that I love. It was clear from peaking with the appliance people during my research on Wolf, Thermador and Viking that Wolf had the best repair record, was the heaviest (as in well-built, quality steel, etc.), and was favored by a lot of serious cooks. Thermador would've been my second choice, I love the star burners with all that BTU flexibility.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much Madeline616, that was really helpful of you. Glad you love your Wolf range!

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Ok - chiming in here as an long time owner of a Thermador 36" range (couldn't fit a 48" no matter how I tried to reconfigure the kitchen!)

Strongly suggest you avoid the Thermador. Go with the Wolf. I'm into my 5K Thermador range for 7K and it still doesn't work right. Parts are a nitemare, and qualified service repair people are almost impossible to find.

Just go research Thermador first before you buy. As others have mentioned on other threads, Thermador is a crap shoot. As long as you are aware you are rolling the dice before you go into it. . . . .

I didn't do my own research, and made a huge mistake. There are pages and pages and pages of complaints about parts and service for Thermadors. Shame on me for not checking first.

I have a subzero, and only had 1 repair, and it was taken care of by Wolf/Subzero. A known part failure. Kind, courteous and fast! Not a problem.

I have a Bosch DW, only 2 repairs. (One a known problem with the motor) Both handled quickly and efficiently without any problems. 5 stars!

Love my Bosch DW and my SubZero fridge.

As I was sarcastically paying for yet another $700.00 circuit board for my Thermador, a repair person told me that Wolf and Viking parts are readily available here, at a fraction of the costs.

As another poster said, go for the Wolf, and don't roll the dice on a Thermador. That way you won't ever take a chance on regretting it like me.

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