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goldyMay 11, 2006

As seen on TV the pasta cooker.Has anyone tried it?It seems to be too good to be true.

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No experience but seems like a joke to me. My everyday preparation of spaghetti, for example, uses American Beauty thin spaghetti in six quarts of water on the stove top. My version of al dente (very close to label instructions) takes 9 1/2 minutes at full boil. And, unlike this device, I can test it along the way if I want to. Using this device and the method described (not enough water and not hot enough), I can't imagine other than lousy, pasty pasta. Willing to back off upon correction from actual users, but I don't see possibility of satisfactory result for anyone who knows pasta. Basically, pasta needs to "swim" to come out right.

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I agree with you.But do you remember the wright brothers?Good thing they took a chance or we would still be on the ground.Let's hear from the rest of the group befor we throw in the towel.

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For $20.00 why not get one and tell us what you think?

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Thought I could save the bucks .Besides what better way to find out stuff.?Ask .$19.00 at walmart.

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If I didn't know anything about cooking and had no room to store cookware I might consider something like this. I'll be interested to see an actual review in this thread.

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Someone posted about this last year. Apparently, RV'ers have used something similar for years, but no one said it actually worked. Maybe there's some info on an RV forum or website.

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