Used Zojirushi bread machine?

jaycoMay 21, 2009

My old bread machine died a while ago, and I've been wanting one ever since. Now I have the chance to buy a used Zojirushi BBCC-V20 for $50. It has been used a good bit but still works great. What do you all think? Thanks!

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Seems a bit expensive. It's probably worth $20-$25 max, which is about 10% of it's current retail price.

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Depends on how much it was used over the years? I got one in '03 used, but not too much. It's been a champ for me, but I don't use it every week, even

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I wouldn't buy a used bread machine...Not that there might be something wrong with it...just that I am weird about used items that I will use for food. I have this whole bacteria "What the heck was it used for" kind of thing going on. A new Zo isn't that go for a new one!

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