Tramontina enameled cast iron

debd18May 15, 2007

I see that Walmart has this at very reasonable prices and since the ss Tramontina seems to be well-liked, I wondered whether anyone has tried these. If so, are they holding up well, or chipping like some of the cheaper brands do?

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I created a link in this forum a few weeks back (see below). I purchased the Tramontina braiser at WalMart and used it about a week later to make hunter's chicken. I'm sorry to report that after cooking on the stovetop, the exterior enamel dulled considerably. It also became "splotchy" and discolored in areas, as well. Thinking it was residue from the cooking gas, I cleaned it using the same method I use for my other enameled cast iron, no abrasive cleaners, just a Dobie scrub pad with liquid detergent. It didn't help, so I returned it hoping it was just that particular piece. Having the interior discolor due to cooking doesn't bother me, but I think the discoloration is from a defect in the application or firing of the enamel. I exchanged it for another one, used it again, and the same thing happened. Sigh. I have other inexpensive enameled cast iron and have never had this happen. Would love to hear if anyone else ran into this problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Look what followed me home...

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Well, I'm glad I asked before buying. I think I'll pass on it and wait for something better to go on sale. Thanks!

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Mrsmarv, I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for the follow up.

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I bought the Chefsmate enameled cast iron dutch oven from Target a year ago for $40. I use it a lot, mostly on the stove top. It's still a pretty, shiney blue. I understand they are hard to find & you just have to keep going to Target until they get them. Lately, our Target has had the red ones again (past 4 weeks).

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I also purchased an enameled cast iron piece at Wal Mart recently but mine is made by Lodge and is called "Lodge Colors". It is similar in size and shape to yours. I have used it quite a bit already and the outside has not discolored, but I am also cooking on a smooth top range so maybe the gas flame is causing your trouble. The price sure was right!

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