Miele DW ?

j5betchNovember 26, 2012

My DH wants me to finalize my dishwasher and I am considering the Miele Futura Crystal Series G5105SCSS for $1400. I am looking for a long lasting dishwasher that does its job well ( i.e. no postDW hand washing or etched glasses), and has the cutlery tray.

I read a post that said this dishwasher needs the dishes to be rinsed before loading. I understand scraping, but I thought the detergents require a little food for the enzymes to work. Is this person incorrect?

So, is this a good price and a reasonable selection? I am not sure why, but selecting a Miele DW is a bit overwhelming. Maybe it's the sticker shock. :)

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You don't need to rinse dishes for any Miele dishwasher.

Miele has regional price controls,there might be a place that charges something like $50 above the rock botton allowed by Miele.

I can't speak for all Miele dishwashers but I have put post potatoes au gratin casserole dish with burnt on chease and potatoes, and pots with burnt-on oatmeal in my Miele La Perla II. Just scraped no rinsing or pre-washing,I used the pots-and-pans cycle and they came out perfectly clean. I usually use half a Miele Tab but with a heavily soiled load I use a full tab.

I also use Somat Rinse Aid and the dishes come out dry. Lastly, I use the Somat Salt in the Miele water softner. No etching on glasses or dishes. My water hardness level varies from 1-12 gpg. My local water company buys water from various sources and mixes the water to boot.

The Miele Crystal is a perfectly reasonable selection and the price seems in line with what is charged near me.

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The manual says - do not rinse the dishes!
It will clean better if you don't rinse as the sensors tell the DW when the dishes are cooked!

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I've had my Miele dishwasher for over 10 years and never had one problem. It works and cleans great. It is my favorite appliance in my house! I love it so much, I bought a Miele vacuum cleaner when my Oreck died four years ago.It too works perfectly and I have 3 hairy cats. We are moving to a new home in a couple of months, and I will have a new Crystal Miele in that home as well, as much as my builder tried to talk me out of it. The home is remote, and it will be difficult to find service should I ever need it. I love it so much, I am willing to take that risk. I would have bought their washer/dryer had they not discontinued the larger size. As long as they keep their quality top notch I'll always have a Miele d/w. Been too burned by GE & Whirlpool appliances over the years. Hope this helps!

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