Cast iron pan metallic taste

joann23456May 24, 2005

So many of you here are enthusiastic about cast iron pans, so I thought I'd try one. I bought a Lodge pan, which is supposed to be pre-seasoned. Still, I seasoned it three times myself, wiping it with olive oil and putting it in the oven for an hour.

Last night, I made a steak. It cooked perfectly, and didn't stick to the pan. But I can't stand the metallic taste. The rest of my family didn't taste it, and liked the steak, but I couldn't eat it.

Does this taste ever go away? After how long? I've read that there should be no taste when the pan is properly seasoned, but how many times should I repeat the oil-and-bake process before it's properly seasoned?

Thanks for any help. I do like how well the pan retains heat and stays non-stick, but everything I make is inedible to me!

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Hi Joann,
I'm not an expert, but I can always taste that taste also. I'm wondering if it just bothers some of us, with really acute tastes for iron? I can also taste it in canned fruit also.

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Oh, yes, Catherine! I never even thought of that, but I taste that, too.

I'm about ready to buy the Scanpan grill pan (oven safe to 500 degrees) and give the cast iron to someone else. Just thought I'd check and see if anyone had any insights.

Just to further clarify, the pan is a glossy black and has no rust spots.

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