Skillets - how many, which sizes

marys1000May 18, 2008

I have been using primarily an 8" Analon Titanium and a Target store type 12/13" "teflon" skillet for a long time. Recently I bought a 12" Demeyere as my virgin venture into stainless steel. I am single, cook mainly for myself on a regular basis and occasionally for friends.

I want to replace the 8" Analon and have decided to get another one.

How many frying pans/skillets do you have? Would you replace the 12" cheap non-stick with a better one? Would you go with a different size?

I have to say, the Demeyere is very heavy for me. So I was wondering should I get another 12" Titanium? Get a french skillet/saute pan (but why would I want a teflon one? Maybe a 10" fry pan? can't decide)

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What kind of range do you have? Diameter of burners and type of fuel will likely deserve some consideration. For example, a 12" skillet sitting on a 7 1/2" coil may not perform as you would like.

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I think I'm finally happy with my current range of pans. I have a good quality non-stick 9" (purchased at a discounter) that I use only for eggs. It is perfect for a 3-egg omelette, and I think this is the max size needed for this purpose.

Otherwise, I have an assortment of cast iron ones. One is about 10-12" and is only used for big quantities. The others are about 8-9". Cast iron is heavy, but very cheap for the quality it delivers. I've finally learned how to season and care for it. I grew up in a house where Mom washed EVERYTHING in soap&water, so I never really appreciated CI until I moved out and did some on-line research. Its weight can be a challenge - my CI wok lives permanently on the stovetop because it is huge and I can't be bothered to stow it anywhere.

I've finally learned to avoid pot/pan sets. While this seems to be the way many retailers like to sell cookware, I find that my fav cooking pots are very different materials to my fav fry pans.

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I have an electric stove and probably always will though I do move around and may end up with a gas range now and again. Electric smooth tops are my favs though, or plain electric. I love cooking on gas but hate the cleaning more.
There are usually 2 large burners (1 forward 1 back) though so I don't see that as an issue?

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May or may not be an issue, depending.

For example, typical coil-top ranges have large burners that are 7 1/2" across. A 12" skillet will typically not be heated evenly with that differential. Many smooth-tops have large burners at 9" or 10" which makes a big difference. Many gas ranges have burners that heat the outer diameters of big skillets quite well but don't heat the center worth a darn.

It does depend on the range and fuel-type to a considerable degree. Also depends on the ability of the pan itself to spread the heat it receives. All mixed up that way.

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I have a 6 burner gas rangetop, so I have the room for dupes.

I have two 12" nonstick, two 12" SS, one 10" SS, one 10" nonstick, and one 8" anodized aluminum. The 8" anodized is only for manicotti crepes. The 10" nonstick is used mainly for eggs. The 10" SS was part of a started set, and I use it for sautéing small quantities other than that, it is not used much because of its size.

I bought the 12" SS pans in pairs because for large meals, I prefer to cook all at once without emptying the pan to make room for a second batch. Same reason for the 12" nonstick shortens cooking time.

I prefer to have the same brand/style pan if using both to cook the same foods simultaneously less guess work for me to learn how a pan responds, etc. I am lazy :)


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I have three skillets - small, medium and my large fryer. It has the helper handle, so not too heavy to pick up. I have the Emeril (by All Clad) Hard Anodized (???). It works wonderfully. I don;t put them in the dishwasher since they are sooooo easy to clean. I also have several cast iron skillets. I only use these to cook cornbread in the oven now. They are not recommended for smooth tops. I got the set on cookware and then added a couple of other pieces. Food Network now has a very nice line. That's what I filled in with.

Good luck on finding what you want.

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