bakeware turned black!

kathycooksMay 25, 2010

I just got a new kitchen (dw, conv oven, etc) and now my baking sheets are covered with a gray coating. It rubs off on my hands, but doesn't come off when I scrub it. First question, which appliance caused it? I'm assuming DW, but not sure. Second, how do I get rid of it? Third, what type of bakeware should I buy to avoid it?

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What kind of baking sheets do you have now?

If aluminum, yes, putting things in the dishwasher will damage them. I just hand-wash my sheet pans.

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I put my aluminum baking sheets in to the dishwasher for damage until I started using this new Cascade Complete...
I won't buy that stuff again...messes up my aluminum pans and causes silver to tarnish.
I don't think it's the dishwasher, but rather the product you are using.
Linda c

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Yes, it's the dishwashing detergents, not the action of the DW itself. I wasn't clear on that when I posted. But aluminum will corrode.

Trouble is, most new machines work best with non-phosphate, enzyme-based detergents. But the new detergents aren't good for certain things you put into the DW.

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