Induction cookware recommendation

trekkerMay 28, 2006

A big thank you to somebody -- I think it was on this forum, might have been on the kitchen forum -- who recommended Cook's Essentials 500 Stainless Steel nonstick cookware from QVC. Customer Service at QVC could not verify that the cookware works with induction, but the brochure confirms it and I confirm it. The cookware, especially the bottom, looks remarkably like a T-Fal pan I have. The cookware is reasonably priced (I paid about $188 for the 13-piece set, including delivery) and excellent quality. My only complaint is that the lid handles do get hot. However, the pans and lids can be used in the oven.

If you are planning to buy an induction unit, you should check out these pans.

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More and more cookware that works with induction is arriving in the marketplace. Your $188 set sounds like a great bargain.

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Just a follow-up to my original message. The QVC set includes a 1 qt, 2 qt and 8 qt pot, but I also wanted a 4 qt size. After looking at a 4-qt All-Clad Stainless Steel for almost what I paid for the entire set of the QVC set, I stopped at TJ Maxx today with my trusty magnet in hand. There I found several 3 and 4 quart pots that are magnetic on the bottom and will therefore work with induction. Be sure to test every piece: I bought a 4 quart Wolfgang Puck pot that is magnetic on the bottom but the 3-quart model is not.

This was not the first time I had checked TJ Maxx for induction-compatible cookware, so be patient and keep that magnet handy. Ross and Marshalls may also be good places to look.

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I always forget to take a magnet when I go to the discount dept stores, but I often can find a magnetic clip or something like in the kitchen gadget section. :)

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