My Deviled Egg Dishes Have Arrived!

donna_loomisMay 8, 2005

A couple of months ago I asked for this group's help in locating some deviled egg trays that I had seen in Ladies Home Journal. Several of you found simlar trays (loved the blue willow). Well, a woman emailed me and said she had read my post and thought she could help me. Said she worked for a specialty shop and could order them for me. She seemed so friendly, and a bit too familiar. I just wasn't sure if I was being set up for a scam. But after several rounds of emails I was convinced that she knew exactly which ones I was talking about and I decided I wanted these trays enough to trust her. Sent her a money order and crossed my fingers. Of course, every day seemed like an eternity and I wanted to kick myself for being so gullible. But it turns out that she was really just a sweet woman who truly wanted to make my day. And she did. They arrived and are as beautiful as I knew they would be. Thank you so much, DZ.

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Donna, can you post pictures?

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Guess not.

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I'm sorry not to have responded sooner. The bad news: my husband's digital camera was stolen right off his desktop this month. Things are a bit tight and we couldn't justify replacing it at the moment. The good news: some friends of ours moved a few hours away (that's not the good part) and invited us to come and stay a few days after they got settled in. They took us to dinner at a casino near their home and after dinner I was convinced to spend $5 on a quarter machine. I won $375! DH got a camera and I got to buy a lot of yarn to support one of my habits. We have a potluck to go to in a couple of weeks and I am taking deviled eggs. I promise to take a picture.

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Interesting stories, Donna! Both the eggplate story and your lucky casino story! How nice that you found a really nice and honest lady to do such a nice deed.

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Here is the picture I promised. The eggs were gone within minutes.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Donna, I really like how the eggs sit up like they are still the egg carton. Great dishes.


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Donna, they're just beautiful! Now I'm having a craving..........

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How cool Donna! ........both the plate, and the random act of kindness by that stranger! Maybe there is hope for mankind yet! :)

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