Bought a Calphalon One Sauteuse 5 qt

livvysmomApril 11, 2007

Bought this from Williams Sonoma. The saleslady said if it ever starts sticking to bring it back (even years later) -- so I thought I'l spend the $100 to give it a try.

So far I have only browned hamburger and made hamburgers in it (not very gourmet I know). After cooking the hamburgers in it the pan was a real mess (the hb's were great though) -- the pan cleaned up beautifully. I am planning on trying pork tenderloin and jambalaya in it this week as well.

My only complaint so far (not really the pans fault) is that it is 12 inches and my burner (electric flat top) is not quite as big -- so I feel the edges of pan are not quite as hot as the center.

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I'm guessing that you like your sauteuse a lot by now. I think Calphalon One make really good cookware and their non-stick is as good as non-stick gets. Take good care of it and it will last a long time. If it loses it non-stick properties Calphalon will replace it. I think you got a good buy.

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I have one, bought it abt 18 months ago and used it once. Not my favorite, not bad, just not a favorite.

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