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puzzlefanNovember 20, 2012

We bought a Cuisinart toaster about eight months ago thinking it might be a better quality toaster. It wasn't. It never did toast evenly and then quit. Cuisinart thinks I ought to bear the expense of shipping it back to them and paying for return shipping. I think not. So I am shopping, hopefully to find something better. If you have had a toaster for at least a year, it brown evenly in both slots, I'd love to hear your comments. No B&D, and similar brands as that was what we replaced originally. Every B& D we had never made toast properly.

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America's Test Kitchen (or Cook's Country - I forget) just did a review in one of their episodes. They liked a Kalorik. Unfortunately I just went to the manufacturer's website and it appears that model has been discontinued.

Maybe Consumer Reports has something to offer?

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I had a higher-end Oster toaster for several years and liked it. However, like other mass market appliances I don't think they are made like they used to be and the models keep changing.

I gave it away when I stopped eating so much bread and now make toast occasionally in my Cuisinart toaster oven, which doesn't toast real well but cooks great.

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I have a Breville that I like. The even toasting is pretty good, though not excellent. I love the lights that indicate how close to done the cycle is - it allows me to glance at it and know if I have time to pour the kids a glass of milk or not. I also like the 'a bit more' feature and the 'lift and look'. I've had it for 2.5 years.

I replaced a Cuisinart toaster that I got a Costco that I really didn't like. One thing that really bugged me (other than the uneven browning) was that the bagel button didn't just heat the inner coils, but it just extended the cooking time a bit (and heated both the inner and outer coils). I think most people expect the bagel button to just toast the inside. That is what the Breville does.

I got it for $110 at Macy's during some sale, which was hard to swallow. But we have been very happy with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breville toaster

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We have a Cuisinart POS that takes about 10 min to toast the bread, at that it's uneven. I scored a circa 1950 Sunbeam in brand new condition for $10 on Fleabay--it's fast and toasts perfectly, only problem is that the slots are small for bagels or some modern breads. For regular toasting they can't be beat and are still relatively plentiful. Built like a tank as well.

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I had been interested in the Kalorik in the past but never found one locally. They are becoming more available online but no one seems to know where they are made. I suspect that they also are now Chinese and nothing good comes from China. Consumers Reports thinks Cuisinart products (including my toaster and my coffee maker which died at 2 years are great) but I know better Cuisinart is also part of the Conair regime, all made in China. Has anyone ever seen a Kalorik at store? I'd love to read the country of origin on the box. Not even Amazon could tell me where the product comes from.,

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If you are into vintage, check out toastercentral dot com. I got a 1930 Sunbeam flatbed in perfect condition. It makes great toast and is a stunning conversation piece. I posted a picture of it on my almost done galley kitchen post.

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I, like others, had tried all the great toasters and there was nothing spectacular about any of them. After painting my kitchen cabinets charcoal gray last year, I started a new web search for a good toaster and found one that came in Charcoal Gray to match my newly painted cabinets. It is a Bodum, approx. $50, and had excellent reviews, so I ordered. From the first try until now, a year later, it has produced toast the way we all remember it from years ago. The Bodum comes in lots of colors and has a rubberized body that never gets hot.

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Happy with a Breville Ikon Toaster CT7 bought 3 months ago - this is the two-slot version. Solidly-built, toasts evenly.

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I have been very happy with this one

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchenaid toaster

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I second the Breville. Aestically and ergonomically it is great to use. I like that it practically sticks to the counter and isn't as rickety as most toasters. It toasts fine and we use the defrost option all the time.

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Breville is an Australian company and I have only had a coffee grinder from them but found that they were out to make a great one and to replace mine if I was unhappy with it. They did when they improved their design and sent me a new one with detailled instructions. If the price is right they are probably a good choice.

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