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sjc1989April 14, 2006

My wife wants a new set of pots and pans. She seems to be leaning toward Pampered Chef. Any opinions?


Steve Cox


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Waaay too expensive for what it is IMO. Also, I believe they only offer non-stick interiors. Having all non-stick pieces are definitely not the way to go if you're serious about your food ;o). The best thing is a combination of different types of cookware. You might want to check out some "all-clad/triple clad" types of cookware, like Sam's Club/Member's Mark triple-ply clad, Tramontina, Anolon, Cuisinart. For hard-anodized look at Calphalon, Tramontina, etc. Also, look at getting a piece of enamel over cast iron type of construction, like Le Creuset, Olive & Thyme, or Mario Batali. Don't be "sucked in" by Pampered Chef's hype. It's nothing more than "clever marketing meets inferior cookware at an exorbitant price".

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Sorry mrsmarv, I have to disagree, no disrespect.... Their cookware is not inferior and they do offer hard-anodized with reinforced tituanium alloy.

I personally own cookware from the Pampered Chef and I LOVE IT!!!! There is nothing wrong with non-stick. Plus there are ways to get PC cookware at a discounted price.

Which line of cookware is she looking at? Generations II,
Professional, or Executive? I'd be happy to chat more with you if you have any other questions or concerns about it.


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stacey - Would you by chance be a Pampered Chef rep?

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One can buy just about anything PC sells for a great deal less. I would investigate the features you like about he PC cookware in other brands.

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I'm a cookware industry executive. Knowing where PC is made, who makes it for them, and how it's made, I can tell you it's not overpriced and worth every penny they are asking.

And no, I'm not affiliated with PC. Trust me, it's very good cookware.

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I don't know about their cookware, but my SIL gave me one of their choppers for Christmas one year, and I really like to use it when I have a lot to chop at one time! I had tried a similar chopper from Sur La Table (this was years ago, though) but I ended up returning it because it was more trouble to use and clean than I thought it was worth. The Pampered Chef version of the chopper is very easy to use and to clean -- it pulls apart easily, rinses easily, and is easy to put together again once it is dry. For small jobs, a knife is easier to use and clean, obviously, but if you are doing a dish with lots of fine dicing etc, it is a real time-saver...and kinda fun, too. Oh yeah...when my dd damaged one of the parts by putting it into the dishwasher, I was able to get a replacement part easily (not cheaply, lol, but easily!) So, sorry, no help on the cookware, but I can heartily recommend their chopper...

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Everything PC sells is made for them by someone that also makes that same stuff for other retailers.
You think it's not expensive? Who do you think pays the "representatives"? Who do you think pays for the "free gifts"...You do when you buy the stuff!
If you must have Pampered Chef stuff, buy it on ebay or garage sales from people who have become disenchanted.
Waaaay over priced!
Linda C

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I would just add to try things out. There are probably both QUALITY copies and INFERIOR copies of every product on the market. The one I bought looked very similar to the PC one I was later gifted with, but it didn't come apart for cleaning in the same way. That way, you'll know what to look for on Ebay/garage sales, etc.

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Never tried PC cookware but have bought quite a few gadgets from them and then I came across the same exact things in Walmart. Walmart's new kitchen line has the same stuff and so much cheaper. I'll never buy PC things again. Sorry all you PC reps out there.

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I have some Olive & Thyme cookware for sale. Please see my posting at:
I live in Boulder, CO, so if you are not in my area, I would have to add shipping charges. Thanks!
email: separatinco-any at

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Please do not confuse this website with Craigslist. There is no advertising allowed here.

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