Calphalon Contemporary + sticking eggs

flightfulbirdApril 13, 2008

I've just gotten into egg white omelettes/crepes and make them every day, with mushrooms/other veggies thrown in - otherwise not really a cook at all. I just acquired 8", 10" and 12" skillets/omelette pans from the Calphalon Contemporary line - to replace REALLY old T-Fal nonstick ones (which were working great for omelettes with PAM spray, just thought we would upgrade and get away from Teflon or whatever). I did a search, read the Calphalon website, and have not had success in making omelettes in three tries now. . .the eggs stick all over the bottom of the pan and don't firm up like they should. These skillets are so different from just preheating the T-Fal one, spraying it with PAM and in two minutes you're finished.

I've preheated, misted with olive oil, tried to do everything my search suggested and the eggs still stick and make a brown crust on the bottom of the pan. It seems like the pan might be too hot if they are sticking - way too cool if they aren't cooking or firming up - but then all the crust from the pan wipes clean with just a paper towel so it's not like it was "stuck on" after all. I'm tempted to just go out and buy another T-Fal nonstick just for eggs but I don't want to give up on these without asking for advice. Can anyone help?

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Your instinct was right....just go out and buy another egg pan. I threw the calphalon pan I bought for eggs into the sticks unless you use more oil/butter than I want to use.
I like Meyer professional non stick.
Linda C

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Thanks for your reply Linda - I used the old T-Fal pan this morning and decided yeah, no more fooling around with eggs and the calphalon pan - it was so fast and easy in the old pan. I also didn't want to use all the oil/butter as well. On the bright side, I used the calphalon pan for the mushrooms/onions/red peppers and it did amazing with not even a misting of oil - totally nonstick - tasted great - it's not a total loss for sure.

I really appreciate your reply and advice!

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