Cuisinart Multi-Clad Pro

nmemerApril 6, 2007

My fiance and I are in the process of registering and I am trying to decide on cookware. The Cuisinart Multi-Clad was recommended on a post below and seems to be highly rated, at a much lower price than All-Clad or Calphalon Contemporary Stainlee. Opinions for or against? Any actual experiences with the cookware? Thanks very much.

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I checked out the stainless classic, rejected it because the aluminum only covers the bottom. I didn't even know about the Multi-Clad when I was deciding, but I just looked it up and it has the aluminum core which continues on up the sides. Looks good, too.
I love my Cuisinart food processor, electric grill/griddle/panini, jelly roll pans and pizza pan.

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The Multiclad Pro is gorgeous cookware. Cooks beautifully, and cleans up well. Cooks Illustrated said the saute speed was a bit fast, which means you have to watch what you're cooking more carefully, and it will gain, and lose heat faster than All-Clad for instance. It's not a major flaw. The main thing is that it's not induction capable. You might want an induction cooktop, or burner in the future and the cookware won't work with it.

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